The Abomination is a name given to the clone of the Jackal.

The Jackal feared that he might not survive his plan to overthrow Octavia au Lune and left Lilath with DNA samples and instructions, as well as recorded messages and instructions for the clone. When he did indeed die, Lilath had Zanzibar the Carver place the clone in her womb.

When the clone was born, Lilath raised and prepared him. They secretly made plans to tear apart the Solar Republic, which ultimately led to the Day of Red Doves, which the Abomination designed.

Mustang notes that his tics and mannerisms are identical to that of her brother, though he is also different in many things due to the way Lilath raised him. He also has several misconceptions about the original Adrius.[1]

He first appears in Dark Age, the fifth book in the Red Rising series.

References[edit | edit source]

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