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Alexandar au Arcos is the grandson of Lorn au Arcos, trained and allied with by Darrow in Iron Gold.


Described as a “smirking prodigy,” he is tall and thin with white blond hair that "flutters behind him like a comet tail." a fine jaw, and fair skin. [1] [2]


Iron Gold

As one of the Howlers who follows Darrow, he is involved in most parts of Darrow's chapters. When they arrive at Deepgrave, he goes with the team into the prison. While threatening the warden, Alexandar discusses his finery, further implicating the warden in some sort of bribery or other scheme. After the warden's eyes are torn out, he vomits.[3]


"Venusian silk. Dyed with crustacean extract. Really ties the room together. Perilously fine taste, my goodman," Alexandar to the warden in Iron Gold[3]



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