Anastasia au Lune was Lysander's mother. She and her husband Brutus au Arcos died in an airshuttle explosion when Lysander was little. His memories of her are spotty, though he does recall her and his father on occasion.

Her best friends were Kalindora au San and Atalantia au Grimmus.  

Politically, she was a reformist and considered the burning of Rhea to be disgusting. In Dark Age, Kalindora au San confirms that Anastasia was planning a coup against her mother, Sovereign Octavia au Lune, together with Revus au Raa and Nero au Augustus. However, Octavia discovered the plot and ordered Anastasia's murder; Kalindora and Atalantia, not terrorists, planted the bomb on her shuttle. Octavia then used her Pandemonium Chair to erase Lysander's memory of his mother. Aja au Grimmus almost broke her oath to Octavia over Anastasia's assassination.

Lysander briefly remembers his mother when he is able to play the piano, despite having no memory of learning it.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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