The Archimedes ("Archi") is a GD-17 Whisper-class frigate built by the Ganymede Dockyards in the mid-650s of the post-Conquering Era.

It is a fifty-meter long military spaceship designed for scouting and raids, fast enough to reach the Asteroid Belt from Mars in less than four weeks. An old 50-meter whisper-class corvette shaped like a “reared cobra head.”

After the events of Morning Star, the ship came into the possession of Cassius au Bellona and Lysander au Lune, who were joined two years later by their Blue pilot Pytha.

The three would continue to live aboard the ship until Iron Gold, when the ship was heavily damaged following a skirmish with Ascomanni pirates in the Gulf of Pax Ilium and seized following its' occupants capture by the Rim Dominion.

After Diomedes au Raa faked Cassius' death, Lysander and Pytha journeyed to Mercury aboard a Rim shuttle, while the Archimedes remained on the Rim. Cassius stole back the Archimedes during his escape from the Rim, but the damaged ship took at least two months to reach Mars from the Rim.

After Cassius reached Mars and offered his service to the Republic, the Archimedes was repaired and upgraded with engines fast enough to reach Mercury from Mars in less than four weeks, and a cloaking system that can slip past the Society blockade undetected.

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