Arturius au Vardan is a Gold. He and Fitchner au Barca were in the same class during The Institute. Arturius was Primus of Jupiter House in his year. He and Fitchner developed a friendship in the Institute. They both graduated as Peerless Scarred. Sometime after their graduation, Arturius invited Fitchner to dinner with his family. Arturius made a fuss about the fact that Fitchner's seat was not near the end of the table, and forced another gold to give up his seat for Fitchner. Arturius' mother did not approve of their friendship, and after the dinner, threatened to disown Arturius if he did not end their relationship. Their ties were severed. Fitchner left for Triton a few days later.

In the year after Fitchner's disappearance, Arturius became a Prefect for the Board of Quality Control. Arturius was tasked with interrogating Bryn of Cryssoss on who the father of her Gold child, Sevro, was. She admitted it was his old friend, Fitchner. Bryn managed to escape with Sevro while Fitchner was attempting to rescue them. During her escape, Bryn was eventually cornered but managed to throw Sevro to Fitchner. Arturius found Fitchner and took off his hand. For the love Arturius bore for Fitchner, he let Fitchner decide who would live - Bryn or Sevro. Fitchner chose Sevro, and Bryn was killed. Arturius kept Fitchner's relationship with Bryn a secret, along with Sevro.

Six months later, he had a son named Drusus with his wife. In 721, Fitchner infiltrated his home in a failed attempt at revenge. Following this, Arturius began tracking Fitchner's movements, hoping to catch his old friend away from his support and destroy him.

He eventually found Fitchner at a secret shipyard in the Asteroid belt. While Arturius and Fitchner dueled in the shipyyards, his forces set charges to destroy the ships that Quicksilver was building to colonize other star systems. Arturius eventually left Fitchner for dead and evacuated aboard his personal ship, but Fitchner followed in gravBoots and massacred the ship's crew. As the two Golds dueled above the exploding shipyards, Ryanna shot out one of his gravBoots, sending him falling to his death in the inferno.

Arturius' mother was Irenia au Vardan.

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