Asmodeus au Carthii is a vile Gold who is Primus of House Carthii, the worst of the Core. He appears in Dark Age and is Atalantia au Grimmus' strongest ally.

Lysander says Asmodeus looks the same as the last time he saw Asmodeus drunk with drugged young pinks in the gardens of the Palatine. Asmodeus is skeptical of Lysander's true identity and is fearful of the news that Dido has taken over House Raa, which could threaten Venus. Yet Asmodeus follows Atalantia the strongest. Asmodeus is one of the two-hundred heads of the prominent remaining houses who arrive with Atalantia at the Mound of Votum to see Lysander as he returns from his victory over Darrow.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is well over one hundred but has the tanned, unnatural face of a forty year old.

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