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The Asteroid Belt separates the Rim from the Core, and is home to many trade hubs and asteroid mining colonies.


  • Ceres
  • Helsa Cluster - first mined by House Carthii of Venus.
  • Trojan Cluster
  • Greek Cluster
  • The Academy
  • S-1392 - at dirty pearl white asteroid at the edge of Rim space used as a staging area by Diomedes au Raa as a covert staging area to rescue his sister from her incursion into the interior.
  • Hildas Station - a star-shaped hub of trade and communications on the outer fringes of the belt.
  • Locus Folium 9/24.990.1 - a secret shipyard built by Ag-Regate Industries to compete with the Ganymede Docks and the monopoly on shipbuilding held by Houses Raa and Codovan.
  • Koronis family - used as a base for heavy mining operations by an Earth-run energy consortium. Home to several disreputable astral way stations.
    • Karin Subfamily
      • S-1988 - a minor silicate-based asteroid with zero mining potential. After the First Moon Lord Rebellion it was home to a secret nuclear weapons depot housing 500 nuclear warheads with a yield of 30 megatons each.
    • Lacrimosa Station - a way station in the belt where Sevro and the Howlers had a layover on the way to Luna near the beginning of Golden Son. Frequented by Cassius and Lysander for repairs to the Archimedes after the Rising.
      • 208 Lacrimosa - a smugglers' cove locally known as Our Lady of Sorrows. Life there is said to be cheaper than a kilo of iced Helium and a gram of demonDust.