Blues are the Astronavigators and Pilots of the society. They are bred specifically to crew starships. They are often raised learning complex physics and mathematics required for spaceflight from a very young age and it is not uncommon for a fully matured Blue to hold multiple PhD’s in topics such as Astrophysics, Quantum Mathematics, and Geometry

They have digiTats on their shaved heads and sync to electronics. They speak slower as they prefer communicating digitally, and do not emote much. A helmBlue appears to be a captain of the ship, comBlue is in charge of readouts. They were bred to withstand long and isolated journeys in space. As a result they share everything including food, sleeping quarters, friends and lovers.

Their name identifier, Xe, is the corresponding chemical symbol for xenon.

Notable blues include:


Raised in a greasy environment, dockers have greater levels of emotion than desirable among other Blues.


Upon graduation, Blues are sorted in Sects. One of them is the Copernican Sect.


A generic school for the Blues.

Midnight SchoolEdit

A more prestigious school than the Observatory. Graduates of the school are older than early twenties.