The Board of Quality Control is an government organization created by the Society for the purpose of determining the life of a Gold, including whether it is allowed to live, according to natural infant mortality rate (~3%).

One known practice of determining a baby's life is to leave the baby exposed to the wild, without nurture or protection. Mothers are therefore forced to not receive any aid during childbirth. The board also monitors the Institute results, Census Data of The Society, and can end the life of a child if it deems the child an abomination, such as Sevro, who was born from a Red mother and a Gold father, through illegal bio-engineering.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Golds in the Board of Quality Control's Asgard station pretend to be the Obsidians' Gods
  • According to their quotas, they allow only 60% of Obsidians to reach adulthood
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