Lilath, Adrius, & Antonia (Art credit: Instagram @pallasillustration)

The Boneriders are the elite guard of the Jackal, acting as the equivalent of the Howlers for the Jackal's forces. They are seen specializing in hunting the Sons of Ares and general counterinsurgency operations.

Following the Jackal's death, the group was thought neutralized (with many members being killed or sent to Deepgrave Prison). In actuality, some members eluded capture and fled to Earth, where they took control of The Syndicate and expanded operations in secret, while preparing their revenge against Darrow for the murder of Adrius. During the events of Dark Age, the Boneriders imprisoned in Deepgrave were quietly freed and the group aided the Abomination in his takeover of the Republic.

Art Credit: Instagram @peerless_gold

At the height of their activity, the Boneriders had a total of thirty members. They are led by Adrius himself, with Lilath au Faran seen taking command in his absence. Other known members include:

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