Brea is a Red girl. She is introduced in Dark Age in Lyria's narrative.

She is very young, near or barely thirteen, and is thought to be the daughter of Cormac O'Vadros.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Lyria, Victra, and Volga take shelter in her house when pregnant Victra is about to give birth. She is introduced to them by her so-called father, Cormac O'Vadros, and is mute and shaking from fear. After Victra gives birth and is resting, Lyria goes outside to get ice for Victra, and that is where Brea, through her bedroom window, shows Lyria her bleeding hand - she is warning Lyria that the Red Hand is there.

Immediately after, Brea's head is thrown against the window, either by Cormac or Alred. It's revealed that she is actually Cormac's wife, forced into marriage. She's still alive when Lyria finds her, but dies from blood loss from the deep gash in her neck. Lyria is forced to leave her body behind when she sees the Red Hand start after her.

Lyria finds out that Brea's family lived right next door. They took Brea's body in and was cleaned and clothed by her mother, Maeve.

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