Bryn was a Red who was illegally married to Fitchner au Barca. She is the mother of Sevro au Barca. She was captured during a Gold raid on her home, and killed after it was discovered that her reproductive organs had been altered so that she could bear a Gold child. Her death prompted Fitchner to start the Sons of Ares.


Bryn was part of the terraforming company on Triton. She was injured in an eruption from a geyser that caused an earthquake. In the hospital she was in, Bryn had the bed that was beside the window that looked at the northern lights. She lost a leg in the accident, and was not going to be given another one, as the Copper said it was not cost-effective.

Bryn met Fitchner in the hospital, and when he left, he took Bryn with him. They lived on Mars, outside New Thebes for a year. Bryn and Fitchner wanted a child, but their DNA was not compatible, and went to a Carver. After nine months, Sevro was born.

In 720 PCE, the Carver who operated on her was arrested and ratted them out for a reduced sentence. [1] Bryn and Sevro were captured by the Board of Quality Control at the direction of Prefect Arturius au Vardan. When Fitchner came to rescue her, Bryn managed to escape the operating theater with Sevro. She was cornered by lurchers in the hangar, and threw her son down to Fitchner to keep Sevro out of the Board's hands.



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