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Callisto is the fourth Galilean satellite outward from Jupiter and is home to a large population of citizens of The Rim.


Callisto is the second largest of the Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter and the furthest of the four.  Its radius is approximately the size of Mercury.[1]



Like most of Jupiter’s moons, Callisto is highly militarized by The Rim.[2] It is likely the most militaristic, since the Society docks a major garrison fleet there[3] and it is one of the breeding grounds for Grays and Obsidians.[4]

The Second Moon Lord Rebellion

At the beginning of the Second Moon Lord Rebellion, 11 days after the Triumph of Darrow, members of House Raa stole or destroyed the entire societal garrison fleet at its dock in Callisto.  This event spearheaded the Moon Lords into declaring independence and electing Romulus au Raa Sovereign of The Rim.[3]

Towards the end of the rebellion, Callisto is one of the last moons to be taken by Roque au Fabii and his Sword Armada.  Ganymede and Io were the last two moons unconquered.[2]


Various buildings


There are 8,000 Peerless Scarred between the four Galilean moons.[3]


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