There are many celebrations within the Red Rising Saga. The following is a list of all known and mentioned celebrations in canon texts.

Dancetide[edit | edit source]

Dancetide is a celebration in Red culture. Little is known about it, but it is safe to assume it is a celebration of song and dance, due to its name. Dancer's mother used to make Pitviper Blood Soup with flaxbread and sprinkled Okrablossom for the occasion.[1]

Laureltide[edit | edit source]

The Laureltide is a Red celebration that happens four times a year, where at the end of each quarter the Laurel is awarded to the clan that mined the most Helium-3. The contest is rigged however, and the prizes were always won by Gamma. The night is filled with song, music, dance, food and drink before the Copper MineMagistrate announces the winner after a short speech.[2]

Dancer's mother would make Pitviper Blood Soup with flaxbread and sprinkled Okrablossom for the occasion.[1]

The Laurel[edit | edit source]

The Laurel is a small branch painted a fake gold, but is the symbol of winning that quarter.[2]

Laureltide Boxes[edit | edit source]

The Laureltide boxes are boxes wreathed in gold-painted branches, containing a variety of comforts, such as:

  • Meat.[3]
  • Sugared Tarts.[3]
  • Syrup.[2]
  • Bows, Ribbons, and Lace.[2]
  • Berry Alcohol Flavoring.[2]
  • Cinnamon.[2]
  • Wooden Zithers.[2]

Liberation Day[edit | edit source]

A Liberation Day is the celebration of a celestial object being forcefully taken from enemy control.

Known Liberation Days[edit | edit source]

  • Mars' Liberation Day (March, 742 PCE) - Liberated of the Society's Forces by Augustus, retaken after after by The Society
  • Luna's Liberation Day (746 PCE) - Liberated of The Society's Forces by the Republic
  • Earth's Liberation Day (748 PCE) - Liberated of The Society's Forces by the Republic
  • Mars' Second Liberation Day (751 PCE) - Liberated of The Society's Forces by the Republic
  • Mercury's Liberation Day (August, 753 PCE) - Liberated of The Society's Forces by the Republic
  • Mercury's Second Liberation Day (Late January/Early February, 754 PCE) - Liberated of Republic's Forces by Heliopoliton citizens, Lysander's allies, and Atalantia's forces.
  • Earth's Second Liberation Day (February, 754 PCE) - Liberated of Republic Forces by The Rim and Society Remnant

Octobernacht[edit | edit source]

Octobernacht is a festival celebrated by Reds. The specifics of the celebrations are unknown; however, demon masks are worn in celebration. It may be a Red version of Halloween.

Octobernacht Masks[edit | edit source]

Cacodemon[edit | edit source]

A cacodemon is a malevolent spirit, represented by a mask with horns. One example of that type of mask is described as pale white and gold. The text is ambiguous as to whether this color scheme is distinctive, or typical of a cacodemon mask.[4]

Other Masks[edit | edit source]

Only one other style of mask is known, and described as a "snarling bat face"[4]

Trimalchian Feast[edit | edit source]

Trimalchio was a character in a 1st century AD Roman work of fiction, Satyricon by Gaius Petronius. Thrimalchio is an exceedingly wealthy former slave, who flaunts his wealth by throwing dinner parties with glutinous amounts of food.

In Gold culture, a Thrimalchian Feast contains seven courses: appetizer, soup, fish, meat, salad, dessert, and libations.[5] Adrius au Augustus proposes to have Trimalchian Feast when Aja and Cassius come to collect Darrow for dissection.[6] Apollonius compares Magnus au Grimmus' treatment of his army as serving a Trimalchian Feast for Darrow.[7]

Triumph[edit | edit source]

Note: Read more at Triumph.

A Triumph is a massive celebration thrown after a Gold performs or leads an impressive military feat. Two Triumphs take place throughout the books.

Known Triumphs[edit | edit source]

  • Darrow's Triumph (March, 742 PCE)
  • Lysander's Triumph (Late January/Early February, 754 PCE)

Whiteday[edit | edit source]

While little is known about the Whiteday in Gold Culture other than girls wearing a special dress,[8] it is likely based off the Roman Whiteday, a day of luck marked in white on a calendar.[9]

Yuletide[edit | edit source]

Yuletide is a Red celebration. nothing is known about it other than that Narol of Lykos drinks heavily during the occasion.[2][10] However, it is safe to assume it is a Red version of Christmas, which "Yule" is an archaic term for, originally being the name of a twelve-day feast in early Germanic tribes.[11]

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