Clown is one of the original Howlers. Cassius names him Clown at the Institute because of his puffy hair. He was one of the lowDrafts (dregs) of House Mars.

Clown is seen in all books, and is one of the lead Howlers and is close friends with Sevro and Darrow. Sometime after the original trilogy, he marries fellow Howler Pebble.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Red Rising[edit | edit source]

With a divided House Mars of four tribes, he is one of the original members of Darrow's tribe. During the first battle between Darrow's forces and House Minerva, he tries to stop Pax from going for Darrow but is thrown aside like a doll. Before Cassius and Titus duel, Clown and Screwface are the ones to bring out the weapon choices. In the Institute under Sevro's command, and with Thistle, Screwface, Pebble, and Weed, he becomes one of the original six Howlers. Thus helping Darrow stay in power as the other students began to fear the Howlers. During the second battle between Darrow's forces and House Minerva, Clown is one of the Howlers who are hidden in the dead horses.

During Darrow's assault on Olympus, the Howlers find Proctor Juno naked in the baths and try to take her down. She manages to break Clown's arm and starts to drown him with her legs, but Sevro stuns her with a stolen scorcher. After Olympus is taken, Darrow and the Howlers return to House Mars where Clown and Pebble are ordered to enslave the besieging Jupiter, Apollo, and Pluto students.

Iron Gold[edit | edit source]

Though seriously injured, Clown is alive and leaves with Sevro at the end of Iron Gold. [1]

Dark Age[edit | edit source]

In Dark Age, he is captured by the Abomination and his Boneriders along with Sevro and Pebble.

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References[edit | edit source]

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