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Colloway xe Char is a Blue pilot. He first appears in Iron Gold


Colloway is a post-Rising hero and ex-pirate, who has inspired HC shows, boys with his action figures, and swooning women across the galaxy. He is a grizzled middle aged man and Howler. He’s slender with dark ebony skin and his hair is blue-black. He has cerulean tattoos.[1]

He is described as lazy and not one for wasted effort. Despite this, he is possibly the best pilot in the Republic Navy, having the highest kill-count [2], and routinely pulling off miraculous stunts while flying.

Nicknamed Warlock, he leads the Warlock Squadron. During Dark Age, his call-sign has changed to Midnight. 


Colloway travels with Darrow to Deepgrave in Iron Gold, and later accompanies him to Venus. He continues to serve at Darrow's side on Mercury during Dark Age.  



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