Cylax si Nexiti was a Green on Fitchner au Barca's team on Triton. He was the go-to guy for any technical glitches. When Fitchner first met him, he reminded him of someone he knew during his time at The Institute. In Sons of Ares Vol. 1, Cylax is part of Fitchner's squad including Ryanna, Fenix, and Doran in their attempt to rescue Bryn of Cryssos.

In Sons of Ares Vol. 2, Cylax still works with Fitchner in his operations. Cylax stays on Agea as Fitchner's 'man in the chair' while Fitchner goes to investigate Quicksilver's plans on asteroid Locus Folium 9, Eget, 24.990. However Cylax loses communication signal with Fitchner. Ryanna, on Triton with Sevro, continuously calls Cylax asking about Fitchner's whereabouts.

Cylax intercepts an encryption to Arturius au Vardan about Fitchner's location from House Rhodes. Cylax stressfully tries to warn Fitchner but can't get in touch. However, Vardan's men discover Cylax's bug in their network and trace Cylax's location in Agea. Cylax quickly calls Ryanna about the intercepted message as he tries to escape from his building but Vardan's people are already there and block him on a balcony. Cylax jumps off the balcony instead of being tortured for information about his friends in the Sons of Ares. Vardan's men and bystanders then investigate Cylax's exploded head and remains on the street below.

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