One of the "Sons of Ares" who oversaw Darrow's transformation into a Gold after his faked death. He was the leader of one of the cells on Mars and later rose to become one of the highest ranking members of The Rising.


A helldiver who managed to survive his profession despite the danger and the numerous snake bites. He has been a member of the Sons of Ares for a long time.


Dancer is fair, kindly, and accommodating, treating Darrow well when he helps rescue him and shows his faith and affection for the young Red many times. He is a shrewd, wise leader of his people and is naturally suspicious. He is less extreme than Harmony, not believing in her vicious methods of war, and abhors the practice of torturing a prisoner for information.

Despite being a fair man and a reasonable one, he is not fond of Golds, and is suspicious and withdrawn from them, never fully trusting in them.


Dancer is described as having rugged features with a body covered in snakebites, as well as having a limp.


Recruited Darrow into the cause.

Harmony said he died but he was actually fine.

nothin here yet~


Darrow Edit

Dancer and Darrow have something of a father-son relationship, with Darrow preferring Dancer's company to that of Harmony or even Mickey and Matteo. Dancer treated Darrow respectfully and showed concern and affection for him over the course of his carving. He would gift Darrow with keepsakes from Eo, so as to remember his mission and heritage, as well as Eo's love and dream. Darrow was deeply aggrieved in Golden Son when he thought he was dead, and was delighted to learn that he was alive and in hiding.

In Morning Star, Darrow and Dancer work alongside one another for The Rising. Darrow tells Dancer that he considers him to be family and loves him.

The Dramatic Personae in Dark Age lists Dancer as the husband of Darrow's mother, Deanna.



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