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Earth is the third innermost planet in the Solar System and the origin of mankind, and did not require terra-forming. Eventually, it was conquered by its colony sent off to the Moon. It stayed under Society's rule since its establishment, becoming part of the Core. Two Earth-born families died in the conflict generated by Darrow in the events of Golden Son. Darrow describes Terran accents as "fast." 

Gray siblings Holiday and Trigg ti Nakamura grew up in Goodhope, South Pacifica.

Pre-Conquering Empires

Before the time of the Conquering, Earth was divided into around 20 nations that were mutually suspicious of each other. Below are some countries that existed from before.

Indian Empire

One of the last countries on Earth to fall to the Iron Golds. Presumably consisted of the countries that used to exist within the Indian sub-continent.

Empire of the Rising Sun

Presumably, this Empire included Japan, and probably some of China, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Atlantic Alliance

Based somewhere on the east of the Americas with a naval fleet.

The American Empire

Created after the United States of America fell, this Empire presumably also includes Mexico and Canada.


  • America -
    • North America -
      • Baffin Island -
    • Central America -
      • Caribbean Islands -
        • Jamaica -
    • South America -
  • Atlantic Ocean -
    • Greenland -
      • Old Military Base -
  • Eurasia -
    • Italian Peninsula -
    • Indian Subcontinent -
    • Japanese Isles -
      • Old Tokyo -
  • Africa -
    • New Sparta -
  • Indian Ocean -
  • Pacific Ocean -
    • North Pacifica
    • South Pacifica - The region that encompasses the South Pacific.
      • Australia - The main continent of South Pacifica.
      • New Zealand - A region of 3 main islands east of Australia. It was one of the few locations that were safe from radioactivity during World War III.
        • Telemanus Estate - Set in northern New Zealand. Darrow planned an attack on Africa here during the Solar War, while Daxo taught Darrow's son to build a sandcastle.
  • Antarctica
  • Echo City - Located in a jungle.