Have you decided to join this wiki? That's absolutely fantastic! Before you begin editing though here are a few rules and other things.

  1. No offensive language. Unless directly quoted from texts, please refrain from any offensive language (e.g b*tch, f*ck, etc.)
  2. Do not spam pages or delete all the content from a page. At. All.
  3. Be respectful to everyone who is actively contributing and trying to help this wiki grow, or fixing mistakes, as well as members of our wikia community. This does not apply to breakers of these rules.
  4. Please write all content from an unbiased viewpoint. Please do not definitively call the Sons of Ares righteous, or the Golds as evil and inhumane, for example, unless as a quote directly from text used to help describe them and what others think of them.
  5. Please refrain from changing any page titles.

When you create a new page, please begin with a very general sentence about the subject, and include the subject (with text bolded) within this sentence. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS^^^ ): AND INCLUDE A SUBJECT IN YOUR SENTENCES.

Also please try your best not to make dead-end pages and include links as much as possible.

Ready to edit? Perhaps first look at our dead end pages! The last I checked we had 83, or over half our wiki(!) being dead ends. They need a few few friends and we have to link them up! If not then perhaps try expanding our short pages, they can't grow on their own!