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Ephraim ti Horn is one of the four narrators in Iron Gold, the first of a new trilogy which takes place ten years after Morning Star.

Once a loyal member of the revolutionary Sons of Ares, Ephraim ti Horn lost everything in the Rising, including his husband, Trigg. In the years since, Ephraim has had no choice but to turn to a life of crime in order to survive, but when a dangerous new client hires him for the heist of the millennium, Ephraim quickly realizes he is in over his head…[1]

After his fiancé Trigg ti Nakamura dies, Ephraim joined the Sons of Ares.[2] His men are captured and skinned in front of him. Virginia pardons the Gold responsible. This makes Ephraim hate the Republic.

Ephraim becomes a high-end thief who steals for brokers. He lives in Imbrium City on Luna, and his only friend remaining is an Obsidian.


After leaving the Society's legions, Ephraim worked for Piraeus Insurance Company[3], a private security firm specializing in "high-value property recovery—art, sculptures, jewels." [2]

Two years after Ephraim left the legions, he went to the Mass, a sprawl of shops, restaurants, and merchant stands around The Atlas Interplanetary Docks, where he met Trigg in a themed bar. They talked until the bar closed.[4]

Trigg proposed to Ephraim while they were on a vacation off the coast of the Agean Sea.[5]

Upon joining the Sons of Ares, Ephraim was a recruiter, and then a Scar hunter. On a mission to find a Gold that had been organizing raids in Endymion, Ephraim and his team were captured. Ephraim had to watch while his team was skinned alive. He was the only survivor. Later, the Gold who killed Ephraim's entire unit was pardoned by Sovereign Augustus. This caused Ephraim to leave the Rising behind.[6]


Ephraim has a bad leg and is 1.75 (5'9") tall.[7] He is 47 years old, but according to Lyria, he looks to be a man in his thirties.[3]


Ephraim is, on the surface, a very rough and closed off person who does not seem to care about anybody, even himself. Eventually it turns out he cares deeply about several people such as Volga and Trigg. Trigg's death left him depressed. He also starts abusing the drug Zoladone, which reduces empathy.

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Iron Gold

  • 753 PCE

Dark Age

  • 754 PCE


Romantic Interests

  • Trigg ti Nakamura

Fiance. Killed by Aja au Grimmus while aiding in Darrow's rescue from the Jackal. Trigg and Ephraim met in a themed bar while Trigg and Holiday were on leave from the Thirteenth[2]


  • Volga Fjorgan

Though originally she served as his muscle during his freelance jobs, he felt compassion for her when they were separated.

  • Holiday ti Nakamura

Though Ephraim and Trigg were only engaged, Holiday still considers Ephraim her brother-in-law.




  • "Only thing easy is entropy." - Iron Gold, Ch. 14


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