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Europa is the second and smallest of the Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter.  It is the stormy salt-water home to over One hundred million people of the Rim, including Lorn au Arcos and his household of three million. It deals mainly in banking, deep-sea mining and serves as a vacation retreat.[1]


Europa’s gravity is 0.136 of Earth’s, which is very light!  This affects the tides of the moon's vast seas, as well as people’s daily lives.  Everything floats and all steps must be taken carefully, so not to float off the surface. When visiting, Darrow wore gravity boots to feel more comfortable.[2]

A fight here would be like a ballet under water.


Europa is a small terraformed ocean world.  Much of the moon is covered in salt water oceans.  There is a vast collection of islands called the Archipelagos along the equator, mountains in the south, and more islands north of the equator.  All of which are populated with cities.[3]

Jupiter takes up a massive amount of Europa's sky.[2]


Ocean waters are warmer near the Southern Archipelagos, a string of islands near the equator, a region is prone to hurricanes.[2]

Storms seen closer to the poles of the moon bring strong winds and stormy skies with blue lightning.[2]


While so much of the moon is covered in water, the islands and mountains have been transformed into a forested habitat, with hills, mossy ground, and a humid atmosphere.[2]


Lorn au Arcos mentions that there are some terrifying deep-sea creatures in Europa's waters, crafted by Carvers.

Seagulls fly around the coast along Lorn’s island castle.[2]



The Stormsons are Gray, Red, and Brown thrill-seekers, who attempt to go boating in the storms of the 90 kilometer deep Discordia Sea.  Waves reach 10 meters high because of the gravity.[2]



  • The Discordia Sea - a 90 kilometers deep vast body of water, covering most of the planet[2]
  • Man-made islands
  • an Archipelagos - island clusters along the equator[2]
  • The home of Lorn au Arcos - a white limestone castle on an island far north of the equator in the middle of the Discordia Sea.  The walls of his citadel surround a private forest with mossy hills and forests.[2]


One day on Europa is the equivalent of one year on Europa, which is roughly 3.5 Earth days.


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