Evey is a Pink who had wings grafted onto her body by Mickey the Carver.


She, like most Pinks, was raised with the Cupid's Kiss.


Evey was considered by Darrow to be naive at times, but well intentioned and sad. In Golden Son, she has greatly changed, now a passionate fighter for the Sons of Ares and abusive towards her former master Mickey. Darrow saw her as inconsiderate during this time. In Morning Star it is revealed that Evey regrets her past actions and hopes to make it up through honest and brave service for The Rising.


Exceedingly beautiful, she looked no older than Eo. She has emerald eyes and Mickey grafted white eagle wings on her back.


Red Rising Edit

Darrow first sees Evey when he is brought to Mickey and carved. She helps him through the process, supporting him as he walks around the room to regain his strength. Once the carving is complete and Darrow leaves Mickey, he arranges for her to be freed, saving her from a life of slavery.

Golden Son Edit

After having no contact with the Sons of Ares for years, Darrow spies Evey in a lowColor bar while he is making a deal with The Jackal. The Jackal notices Darrow looking at her, and offers her up to him. Pretending to accept, Darrow joins her in an upstairs room, in which he finds several armed Red terrorists, there for the purpose of killing The Jackal by blowing up the establishment. Darrow rushes to save The Jackal from the explosion, but some two hundred lowColors are killed.

Evey is overjoyed to be reunited with Darrow, showing much gratitude for how he freed her from Mickey, but Darrow is disgusted by her wanton slaughter of lowColors in the attack.



She hates him.


She loves him.


She trusts her.