Fenix was a Gray and was part of Fitchner au Barca's team to rescue Bryn of Cryssos and Sevro au Barca after they were taken by Arturius au Vardan in Sons of Ares Vol. 1.

In Sons of Ares Vol. 2, Fitchner, Fenix, and Ryanna plan an operation to get into the Vardan household and take revenge for Bryn's death. After making a deal with the Syndicate, they get through the gate. However, little do Ryanna or Fenix know that Fitchner's plan is to murder Arturius' newborn son, Drusus. When Ryanna realizes Fitchner's plan, she protests by pointing a gun at Fitchner before Fitchner can shoot the baby. Instead Ryanna fires into the ceiling, alerting security in the house. They escape the house but Fenix was killed by Arturius' men when he sacrificed himself in order for Fitchner and Ryanna to escape after the failed revenge attempt.

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