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Golds are the highest level of Color within the Society of Red Rising. They are humanity's fiercely intelligent rulers, their physique tends to be larger and stronger than those of other colors (with the exception of Obsidian.) As of 742 PCE, there are about 40 million Golds in the Society.

Golds were originally created to shepherd lower colors out into the solar system to colonize planets. They were bred to withstand the harsher environments of space while being able to organize and lead the lower colors as they established colonies for use by humans across the Solar System.

Goldbrows’ first loyalty is to Color, then family, then planet, then House. Most Houses are dominated by one or two powerful families. On Mars, the Family Augustus, the Family Bellona, and the Family Arcos influence all others.

A lower color will often refer to a Gold as either Domina or Dominus (depending on gender, woman and man respectively), or in the case of a group of Golds refer to them as Dominii.


Golds have been genetically enhanced in many ways. Their bone density is 5 times stronger than average bone along with increased tensile strength in their tendons, ligaments, and muscle fibers. They can hold their breath for at least 5 minutes and have increased cognitive capabilities which is further enhanced by brain implants. Additionally, they all are of a height of at least 2 meters (6.5 feet) or taller. To be under 2 meters is considered short among Golds. They have golden irises, gold/blonde hair, and the golden sigil on the back of each hand. Their skin color, however, can vary from black to olive to white, and they have fewer nerves.

Due to their superior physique, Golds tend to live longer than humans of Old Earth, and Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy increases their lifespan further still. For example, Lorn au Arcos' father lived to 163 without any Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy. This also means that even Golds considered to be elderly are still fearsome in battle.


The very first Gold ancestors had normal eyes and wore golden uniforms.[1]

Peerless Scarred

Pierce Brown stated on Twitter that a Peerless Scarred would be able to lift over 1,104 lbs (500.778 kg) while the average Gold would not, in response to Hafthor Bjornsson breaking the world deadlifting record on May 3rd.[2]



  • Iron Golds - The Conquerors that overthrew Old Earth's governments with their battleships and established the Society throughout the solar system. Used a term to describe any Golds who have performed a feat in comparison.
  • Pixie - The gluttons of Gold society. Those who party without care for politics or their own health.
  • Bronze - The lower stock of the Gold caste, the weakest and smallest, generally with khaki hair and eyes.


  • Peerless Scarred - Peerless Scarred are Golds who have survived and conquered The Institute.
  • Graduates - The Golds who survive The Institute, but perform poorly such as being enslaved or not performing any noticeable feats.
  • Shamed - The Golds that did poorly at the Institute, and are usually sent to the fringes of the Solar System for exhausting administrative duties.

Gold Culture

List of known Gold Houses

Significant Golds

Allies of Darrow O'Lykos

Allies of Adrius au Augustus

The Society

Society Remnant

The Rim Dominion


  • Silenius au Lune - Founder and first Sovereign of the Society, Founder of House Lune.
  • Akari au Raa - Founder of House Raa and best friend of Silenius.


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