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A Grey Officer

Grays are a lower tier caste. They serve as the police, military, and security personnel throughout The Society. They ensure order and obedience to the hierarchy and form the bulk of the Society's Legions, serving in Cohorts. Grays who are assigned as security overseers in Mars tend to become abusive to lowColors beneath them. Their name identifier is ti, the chemical symbol for Titanium. Grays naturally have gray-colored hair.

Standard Grays do not seem to possess physical genetic modifications intended to give them superhuman prowess in the field of battle. Multiple Obsidians and Golds have been shown to be capable of easily dispatching Grays in large numbers. Ragnar in particular can dispatch them by crushing them against walls with his bulk. However, due to their purpose within society, it is very likely that they are designed to have stronger bones and muscles than all of the castes that are not classified as warColors.

On the other hand, Ephraim claims that Grays are adaptable, efficient, and bred for systematic loyalty. While they may not possess the physical strength of Obsidians and Golds, they possess the highest amount of discipline and devotion to duty. Some Grays may also install ocular implants. Grays who work in the Society's police force are known as Watchmen. Watchmen wear gray uniforms and blue berets.

Derogatorily referred to as tinpots by lowColors.

Many Grays, especially those who served in Society's Legions, speak in military lingo known as dog tongue, or Legion speak.

It is mandatory for each Gray to serve twenty years in the Society's legions.[1][2]


Highly trained Grays known for killing Golds and other highColors. They are named after a species of hounds crossbred to kill prey larger than themselves. They possess excellent combat skills and tactical prowess far above normal Grays. They are also genetically-altered to have superior senses, such as smell and sight.

List of Gray Houses

  • House Flavinius
  • House Horn
  • House Hu
  • House Kaan
  • House Nakamura
  • House Occiptier
  • House Vessia

Notable Grays


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