Greens are a mid-tier Color. They are the programmers and developers of technology for the Society. A team of them working in conjunction can bring down the communications networks of an entire planet for a length of time. Their name identifier is si, the chemical symbol for silicon. Many Greens bear tattoos, metal piercings and implants, spiked hair and mohawks, and heavily use drugs and other recreational stimulants.

Greens, like many midColors, embrace transhumanism and human augmentation with technology. They install ocular sensors and lenses into their eyes. Many Greens in society work at arcades and other virtual-reality recreation centers while also installing technology implants into people of society, which is opposed to Carver Violets who biologically change people. Other Greens serve as IT technicians, installing computer wiring and hardware. Greens that serve in the Society military work alongside Oranges in servicing spaceships and fighter pilots.

Notable Greens:

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