Gunkind is Skuggi spirit warrior, an Obsidian. He appears in Dark Age.

Description[edit | edit source]

He has a cleft lip. Ephraim thinks he's a women at first but he has a beard. Gudkind is a strong supporter of Freihild, saying she is "deft in all things." In return, Freihild says Gudkind is deft in many things, especially whores. Gudkind agrees that his "hobby is whores!"

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Dark Age (754 PCE)[edit | edit source]

He fetches Xenophon to help Ephraim demonstrate Karachi. Through Karachi, Ephraim teaches Gudkind and the other skuggi the lesson of lying and bullshit. Gudkind also learns sarcasm and rhetorical questions through Ephraim's teachings. Gudkind and the Skuggi also learn a little physical affection is okay when Ephraim pats his arm.

Gudkind leads the skuggi in hacking Amel into pieces at Sefi's orders. Gudkind also leads Ephraim and the skuggi in the claybomb fireworks during the Drake hunt. In the "catch the sprites" game, Gudkind is caught by Ephraim and has to drink grog until he passes out by the bonfire. Gudkind is one of the pathfinders selected by Sefi to verify Ozgard's story of Freihild's death by Volsung Fa.

When Ephraim realizes Volsung Fa's plan to set up a war between Sefi and the Republic, and the impact of that on Pax and Electra as hostages, Ephraim quickly rushes to take Snowball and the kids out of there quicker than anticipated. Gudkind and other skuggi stop him in the hanger with confusion and non-aggression. Gudkind asks Ephraim to come with him to Sefi but Ephraim hits them with paralytic slugs and they go down rigid as boards and drooling foam. Ephraim escapes with Pax and Electra and they help Lyria defeat the Red Hand.

After the Red Hand is defeated, Ephraim returns to the Obsidians and finds Ozgard. Ozgard fetches eighty of Ephraim's skuggi warriors, all who are still loyal, including Gudkind as their leader. Ephraim tells the skuggi we need to save our queen. However, it is unknown what happens to Gudkind after Ephraim's plan goes sour when Xenophon and the Ascomanni capture Ephraim. Xenophon brings Ephraim to Sefi while the Valkyrie bring Ozgard to Sefi. Ozgard tells Ephraim that most of skuggi are dead since the Valkyrie were waiting for them when they tried to free Valdir.

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