Harmony is a Red and was a member of the Son of Ares. She helps Dancer bring Darrow out of Lykos after he "dies." Darrow notes that Harmony is more aggressive and vengeful than Dancer. She gets Evey away from Mickey, knowing that Mickey is not a kind master. It is later revealed that she chose Titus to infiltrate The Institute the same way Dancer chose Darrow.

In Golden Son, she tells Darrow that Dancer is dead and that Ares wants him to sacrifice himself by carrying a bomb into a gala where many high ranking Golds will be. Harmony has been conducting terror bombings against the Golds, though many lowColors are harmed in the crossfire. Darrow is dissatisfied with her methods and her manipulations of Evey, who Harmony uses as a bomber. She manages to convince Darrow to lay the bomb at the gala when she reveals to him that Eo was pregnant when she died. However, Darrow does not go through with the attack, instead starting a civil war amongst the Golds. It is later revealed that she betrayed Dancer and Ares as she was not satisfied with their more cautious and passive strategy.

She is captured by The Jackal, and informs him of the identity of Ares and Darrow's true heritage as a Red to get out of captivity, betraying her cause out of spite of Ares true identity.

In Morning Star, she is the Leader of the Red Legion, a terrorist group of lowColors, killing every Gold and other highColor they can.

In Iron Gold, it is heavily implied that Harmony is now the leader of the Red Hand, another terrorist group, with the aims of killing all Gammas. She leads the attack on Lyria's village, and was the first soldier of the Red Hand to fire at Tiran, Lyria's Brother.

Appearance Edit

One half of her face is steam-burned. Darrow describes the other half as more beautiful even than Eo, with soft, milk-pale skin and prominent but delicate features. She has a cold and cruel demeanour. Her bottom teeth are uneven and nails poorly maintained.