The Heart of Venus is a luxury cruise ship that provided one month round-trip voyages between Venus and Mars. Ephraim and Trigg spent a vacation aboard the ship in 739 PCE. During the Solar War, Harmony and the progenitors of the Red Hand released achlys-9 into the ship and killed all aboard before leaving the vessel to drift in space. After years of being picked over by scavengers and looters, Sefi's agents discovered the ship and re-purposed it as the flagship of the Alltribe navy.

The halls of the ship were lined with sea-foam green carpets that connected guest staterooms with other parts of the ship such as spas, restaurants, ballrooms, and casinos.

One of the most prominent attractions aboard the cruise was an aquarium at the center of the ship that displayed aquatic life from Venus. When the ship was raided by Harmony's splinter group, the aquarium ecosystem began to break down as aquatic predators began to dominate the space, while barnacles and algae built up without caretakers to keep the environment clean.

A theater is located along the ship's starboard side, decorated with green silk and an entrance done in the rococo style. The theater possessed projectors capable of displaying holograms of various performances.

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