Horatius au Savag, better known by his nickname Screwface, was Darrow's classmate in The Institute and a lowDraft of House Mars. Describes his family as "full of Pixies".

Described as ugly, lazy and a freeloader. His nickname 'Screwface' was given to him by Cassius au Bellona before The Passage.

He was part of Darrow's tribe before joining the rest of the lowDrafts under Sevro au Barca's command. After acquiring his black wolf cloak, he becomes one of the original Howlers, along with Sevro, Thistle, Clown, Pebble and Weed.

When Sevro takes command of the Sons of Ares following the death of his father, Screwface joins alongside Clown and Pebble.

At the beginning of the Solar Republic's siege of Mercury, Mickey carved him a new appearance so that he could be planted among the Society Remnant's legions as a deep-cover mole. To maintain operational security only Darrow, Mustang, and Theodora were aware of his mission.

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