One of the houses at The Institute. House Apollo usually attracts those who are fine featured, charming, and charismatic. They are known for their pride and vanity. Their symbol is a bow. The Apollo Proctor is a male gold with short, curly hair.

Their castle resides to the south of the Greatwoods and House Ceres, to the East of the South Sea. The castle is tall, white and ornate and has a round plaza in the center with six doors which lead to six grand, spiraling towers. They have pens containing sheep and cows.

When Darrow au Andromedus encounters them for the first time, they have a large war band made up of heavy cavalry. They are led by their Primus Novas, a tough, long haired young man. Despite receiving help from their Proctor, who gives Novas a pulseWeapon, they are defeated by Darrow's coalition (House Mars, House Diana and House Minerva) and captured down to the last member, a girl who is chased down by Mustang.