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"Alis Aquilae" - The Motto of House Bellona, meaning "On Eagle's Wings" in Latin.

House Bellona is a major Golden Martian household. They have existed since the time of the Iron Golds, where Scipio au Bellona defeated and broke through the Atlantic Fleet. They are bitter rivals with House Augustus, and control the 6th Fleet of the Society navy. Their sphere of influence on Mars is centered on the continent of Cimmeria, with their family stronghold of Eagle Rest located on the Olympus Mons just outside the city of Olympia.

Members of the gens Bellona are distinguishable by their thick and curly hair, and are all expected to be reasonably strong fighters. They are also noted for being a large family. At the time of the Martian Civil War, the family Primus Tiberius au Bellona had nine children as well as over fifty nieces and nephews.

During the events of Golden Son, most of House Bellona, except for Cassius and his mother Julia, was massacred by order of the sovereign Octavia au Lune as part of her agreement with Adrius au Augustus, decimating the once thriving house and pinning the crime on Darrow in order to ensure Cassius's loyalty to them.


Blue and silver with a silver eagle.



  • 0 PCE

Scipio au Bellona destroys the Atlantic Fleet above Earth during The Conquering, allowing Seneca au Grimmus to be the first Gold to make landfall on the Eastern Seaboard of Northern America.

  • 656 PCE

Nero's Father and Julius au Bellona have a dispute, resulting in an attempt to poison all of House Bellona by Augustus during dinner. The plan fails, and the ArchGovernor Cylus of Mars declares his forces loyal to House Bellona. The Augustus Fleet is besieged above Agea, where the majority of the Augustan ships are either destroyed or captured. ArchGovernor Cylus then slaughters all of House Augustus, sparing only Nero and his sister and raising them in his court, not wanting such an ancient house to die out.

  • 676 PCE

Nero asks ArchGovernor Cylus for his permission to take the hand of Julius au Bellona's daughter, Iona au Bellona, in marriage. Cylus accepts, hoping the marriage will put an end to the Augustus-Bellona feud. On the night of their marriage, Nero beheads Iona, stuffs her mouth full of grapes and delivers it to the Bellona Estate of Eagle Rest. Enraged, House Bellona makes for Agea to ask Cylus for justice only to find Nero as the new ArchGovernor after he arranged a coup with the Sovereign's daughter, Octavia au Lune, against House Cylus. House Cylus was then all culled and removed from all official records.

  • 731 PCE

In a scheme to gain his father's favor over his elder brother Claudius, Adrius au Augustus asks his father for money in order to invest in the Silver stock market for his future. Adrius instead uses this money the pay Karnus au Bellona to sleep with Claudius' girlfriend. His honor insulted, Claudius challenges Karnus to a duel, which ends in Claudius' death. This further fuels the divide between Augustus and Bellona.

Red Rising

  • 736 PCE
  • 737 PCE
  • 738 PCE

After the Institute

  • 738 PCE
  • 739 PCE
  • 740 PCE
  • 741 PCE

Golden Son

  • 741 PCE
  • 742 PCE

The Second Moon Lord's Rebellion

  • 742 PCE
  • 743 PCE

Morning Star

  • 743 PCE

The Solar War

  • 743 PCE
  • 744 PCE
  • 745 PCE
  • 746 PCE
  • 747 PCE
  • 748 PCE
  • 749 PCE
  • 750 PCE
  • 751 PCE
  • 752 PCE
  • 753 PCE

Iron Gold

  • 753 PCE

Dark Age

  • 753 PCE
  • 754 PCE

Known Members

  • Scipio au Bellona - Bellona ancestor known for his role in the Conquering.
    • Julius au Bellona - Former head of House Bellona and father of Tiberius.
      • Tiberius au Bellona - Former head of House Bellona and Imperator of the 6th Fleet.
        • Karnus au Bellona - AKA Goliath. Son of Tiberius known for his brutality. Killed Claudius au Augustus, eldest son of Nero au Augustus, and Leto, Nero's favorite disciple. Killed by Darrow O'Lykos.
        • Cassius au Bellona - Former Morning Knight and rival of Darrow O'Lykos. After the Rising, became the guardian of Lysander au Lune. Favourite son of Tiberius. One of two surviving members of House Bellona.
        • Julian au Bellona - Gentle twin brother of Cassius, killed by Darrow during the Passage.
        • Theseus au Bellona - Young son of Tiberius. Around the age of Lysander au Lune.
        • Daedalus au Bellona - Young son of Tiberius. Around the age of Lysander au Lune.
      • Unnamed Son of Julius - Died in the Lion's Rain.
      • Unnamed Second Son of Julius - Died in the Lion's Rain.
      • Unnamed Daughter of Julius - Died in the Lion's Rain.
      • Unnamed Second Daughter of Julius - Died in the Lion's Rain.
      • Iona au Bellona - Youngest and favourite daughter of Julius au Bellona. First wife and uxoricide victim of Nero au Augustus.
  • Kellan au Bellona - Cousin of Cassius. Parents Unknown.
  • Cagney au Bellona - Cousin of Cassius, killed by Tactus au Valii-Rath. Parents Unknown.
  • Julia au Bellona - Wrathful wife of Tiberius. Hellbent on destroying Darrow after his murder of her favorite son, Julian. One of the two surviving members of House Bellona.


  • Bellona was a goddess of war in Ancient Roman times, and a sister to Mars