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House Grimmus is an ancient house that has existed since the time of the Iron Golds. Following The Conquering, they became one of the prominent Gold families of Earth, maintaining dominion over Africa and the Americas.


The House Grimmus standard is a pearl skull with a crown on a black field.



  • 0 PCE

The house was founded by Seneca au Grimmus, the first Gold to land in the Iron Rain that took the American eastern seaboard following the destruction of the Atlantic Fleet by Scipio au Bellona.

Red Rising

  • 736 PCE
  • 737 PCE
  • 738 PCE

Golden Son

  • 741 PCE
  • 742 PCE

The Second Moon Lord Rebellion

  • 742 PCE
  • 743 PCE

Morning Star

  • 743 PCE

The Solar War

  • 743 PCE
  • 744 PCE
  • 745 PCE
  • 746 PCE
  • 747 PCE
  • 748 PCE
  • 749 PCE
  • 750 PCE
  • 751 PCE
  • 752 PCE
  • 753 PCE

Iron Gold

  • 753 PCE

Dark Age

  • 753 PCE
  • 754 PCE


  • Seneca au Grimmus - Founder of House Grimmus, and participated in The Conquering, taking the Eastern American Seaboard.
    • Vitalia au Grimmus - Better known as The Great Witch.
      • Magnus au Grimmus - Better known as The Ash Lord. Former ArchImperator of the Society navy and commander of the Scepter Armada. Former leader of the Society Remnant before being burnt alive by Darrow, Sevro and Apollonius.
        • Aja au Grimmus - Eldest daughter of Magnus and former Protean Knight. One of Octavia's three Furies. Killed by Sevro.
          • Ajax au Grimmus - Biological son of Aja and Atlas au Raa. Storm Knight of the Society Remnant.
        • Moira au Grimmus - Daughter of Magnus and chief Politico to Octavia au Lune and one of her three Furies.
        • Atalantia au Grimmus - Youngest daughter of Magnus. Dictator of the Society Remnant following her father's death. Former Fury of Octavia.


  • The House Grimmus Standard can be seen on the spine of the hardback editions of Dark Age.