House Minerva Standard, as depicted in the Barnes & Noble Edition of Red Rising

House Minerva has not fallen
— Red Rising, Ch. 35: Oathbreakers

House Minerva is one of the Houses in The Institute.

Castle Minerva Edit

There's gardens and olive trees that wend between the sandstone columns of the bottom level. Their command room is on the third level which includes their map, a statue of Minerva, and their war table. They have stables. There's also a hidden back gate to the fortress.

Proctor Minerva Edit

During the assault on Olympus, Darrow sees Proctor Minerva fully armored alongside Proctor Jupiter as they decimate Darrow's forces through the hallways. The two Proctors knock down the mere sword/spear bearing students like boulders, causing Darrow's forces to scamper over each other to retreat. Darrow steps forward wearing the slain Proctor Apollo's recoilArmor and pulseFist. Darrow flies towards Jupiter and the two slam together, sending them away from Minerva. She is later subdued by Darrow's troops.

Student Attributes Edit

Members of House Minerva are usually intelligent and scholarly.

Involvement Edit

542nd Class of the Martian Institute Edit

  • 737-738 PCE

During Darrow's year at the Institute, House Minerva was lured by Darrow into defeating Titus and his faction of House Mars. Later, House Minerva was defeated by an alliance between House Mars and House Diana, causing all but their Primus Mustang, who was allowed to go free by Darrow, to be enslaved. After Darrow's failed duel with Cassius, Mustang saved his life while she was in hiding and allied with him.

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