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They are prodigies of sin.

The House Rath is a prominent family of Gold. They are known to be horribly rich and talented. And their main virtue lies in their ability to sin.

The elder brothers of Tactus au Rath opened a brothel in Agea when they were fourteen years old. A place said to be filled with a lot of class until they started to deliver more 'personalized experiences' and everything ended in 'insults, duels, dead heirs, debt and poison'

They are related by means of marriages with the House of Valii and during the Rising they supported the House of Lune.




  • Vorkian - Gray Captain of House Rath.
  • Gaul - Soldier of House Rath, likely a Gray.
  • Gregarius - A muscled Gold man. Orgy-mate of Tharsus.