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One of the chief bannermen and allies of House Augustus, the Telemanus' have a reputation for being earnest, simple, and brutish, though in reality they are brave, fierce, and big.


A Red Fox


Note: Years are based on the Unofficial Red Rising Wiki Timeline.

Reign of Kangax

Raising Virginia

Seige of House Minerva

Pax Joins the Howlers

The Gala Massacre

The Martian Civil War

Darrow's Triumph

The Second Moon Lord's Rebellion

Joining the Sons

The Solar War

A New Valet

Unleashing the Minotaur

Kidnapping of Pax

Death of Magnus

Rescuing Orion

Battle of Ladon

Day of Red Doves

The Long Night

Rallying to Mars




  • Lyria of Lagalos - Hired as a Valet for House Telemanus as repaid debt for saving Kavax's life. A Red.
  • Dr Liago - The physician of House Telemanus and Sophocles, and the creator of the Night Lily. A Yellow.
  • Bethalia - The terrifying old general of the House Telemanus servants. A Pink.
  • Garla - A Docker Red whose family has been servicing House Telemanus for fourteen generations.
  • Alban - The second valet to Kavax. Color unknown; likely a Red.


  • Sophocles - The pet fox of House Telemanus. Has been cloned 24 times.