One of the chief bannermen and allies of House Augustus, the Telemanus's have a reputation for being earnest, simple, and brutish, though in reality they are brave, fierce, and big.

  • Kavax au Telemanus, head of House Telemanus; fiercely loyal to Virginia au Augustus
  • Niobe au Telemanus, wife of Kavax
  • Daxo au Telemanus, eldest son of Kavax.
  • Pax au Telemanus, youngest son of Kavax. He was killed by Adrius au Augustus in the Institute while protecting Darrow au Andromedus. Good friend of Virginia, with whom he grew up. Namesake of Darrow and Virginia's son, Pax.
  • Thraxa au Telemanus, youngest daughter of Kavax. A fierce fighter known as "The Hammer" for her metal prosthetic arm
  • Xana au Telemanus, daughter of Kavax


A roaring grizzly bear.