Iona au Bellona was a Gold noblewoman, the youngest and favourite daughter of Julius au Bellona. She was murdered by her newly-wed husband Nero au Augustus.

Nero au Augustus asked for her hand in marriage under the pretense of ending the family feud between House Augustus and House Bellona. ArchGovernor Cylus agreed to the match, hoping the wedding would mend the lingering wounds between the two House's and unifying Mars once and for all.

Lorn au Arcos attended the wedding as the Rage Knight on behalf of the Sovereign. He said he had a wonderful time and had never seen Iona so happy.

The night of the wedding, after House Bellona had retired to their estate, they received a package where Julius au Bellona found Iona's head, mouth stuffed with grapes and the two wedding bands. This act solidified the hatred between the two houses and allowed Nero to rise to his position as ArchGovernor of Mars.

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