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Iron Gold is the fourth book in the Red Rising Saga, and the first in the Iron Gold Trilogy.

In an interview on the Hallmark channel, Pierce Brown said the story is set approximately 10 years after the events of Morning Star. [1]

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pierce explained more of the plot of the book:

The new Solar Republic, led by Darrow and Mustang, has replaced the Society on Mars, Earth, and Luna, and is locked in an existential struggle with the remaining Golds of the Core. A decade-long peace still exists between the Republic and the Golds of the Rim worlds, but something stirs in the darkness out beyond the asteroid belt.[2]

There are four points of view, including that of Darrow, with two completely new characters - Ephraim and Lyria.

Iron Gold was originally set to be published August 2017 [3], however, Pierce posted an update on his Facebook page that it would be pushed back to January 2018. [4]


The old world is dead. But what will rise from its ashes? 

Darrow was born a slave. He became a weapon.

He ended centuries of Gold rule, broke the chains of an empire, and now he’s the hero of a brave new republic. But at terrible cost.

At the edge of the solar system, the grandson of the emperor he murdered dreams of revenge.

In his hidden fortress in the oceans of Venus, the Ash Lord lies in wait, plotting to crush the newborn democracy.

And, at home, a young Red girl who’s lost everything to the Rising questions whether freedom was just another Gold lie.

In a fearsome new world where Obsidian pirates roam the Belt, famine and genocide ravage Mars, and crime lords terrorize Luna, it’s time for Darrow and a cast of new characters from across the solar system to face down the chaos that revolution has unleashed.

Plot Summary

*warning* This is a spoiler-filled section. It is meant to be used more as a reference for those who have already read the book and need the information for possible projects or a refresher on the story line. By no means is this meant to be an alternative to reading the book.


Part I: Wind


Darrow, Sevro, and several others from the Seventh Legion return home to Luna from a triumphant, weary year-long mission on Mercury that ended with an Iron Rain that liberated the Planet. Mustang greets her husband formally. Victra and Sevro, who are married, greet more informally and more intimately.

Darrow makes the announcement to the Republic that Mercury is now liberated and the Ash Lord’s fleet have retreated. The highColor senators cheer, while Dancer’s Vox Populi and Sefi and her Obsidians stand silent. Darrow petitions for a final battle against the Ash Lord at Venus to fully liberate the Core.

Dancer motions against it, stating his disapproval of the Iron Rain on Mercury. He brings in Julia au Bellona, stating that the Ash Lord wished for peace before the Iron Rain, a fact that Darrow did not disclose to Virginia.

Darrow admits that the Ash Lord had sent Julia and Asmodeus to his ship, but he claims it was a ruse. He also now knows that a mole from his group sent Dancer this information beforehand. Publius then requests for Darrow’s removal from high command and to place him under house arrest. 

When Darrow is escorted out by Wulfgar, Sevro follows, allowing Darrow to send for the Howlers. While under house arrest, Regulus ag Sun arrives and Darrow asks for his fastest ship, the Nessus, to make his escape, doing so with Thraxa au Telemanus, Rhonna, and Alexandar au Arcos.

Darrow speaks to the thirty-seven Howlers who are available to explain what his next plan is. Holiday tells Darrow she will not be going with him to Venus, and Sefi tells him she and her Obsidians will no longer fight their wars, leaving him doubting his chances of success.

Though Sevro won’t stay despite Victra’s plea to Darrow to try to convince him otherwise, Darrow agrees for him to see his daughters before they leave, giving Darrow a chance to see his son. Pax shows him the bike he built and they ride together, enjoying the time they have. When Pax realizes that Darrow must leave again, he is angry and leaves Darrow to himself after the ride, not saying anything more to him. 

Before Darrow can leave, he is confronted by Mustang, who anticipates his plan and calls Wulfgar in to take him. A melee between friends ensues and Darrow inadvertently impales Wulfgar on his razor, killing him. Sevro quickly pulls Darrow away from the chaos to make an escape as Virginia, along with Pax, who had been hiding in shadow, watch in disbelief.


We are introduced to Lyria, a lowRed of Lagalos. A former Gamma from the mines, she has been moved with her family into one of the assimilation camps on the surface of Mars where they live in poverty. When The Red Hand arrives, lead by then unnamed Harmony, they start killing all Gammas on site, and Lyria is witness to her brother Tiran's death. She flees to try to get the rest of her family out, but when she arrives home, she informs her older sister Ava and her father of Tiran. Lyria tries to take her father with her but has to leave him as he is disabled. She then parts with Ava to felch her blind nephew Liam at the infirmary while her sister takes the rest of the children to escape up north.

In the madness that has overtaken the camp, Lyria arrives at the infirmary and takes Liam with her to escapes the camp. They eventually exit through a gate to hide in the garbage of a dumpsite. While they hide, Red hand soldiers massacre gammas and light the garbage dump on fire which forces those hiding to escape the approaching flames.


When Lyria with Liam and other refugees approach the northern river, 20 Red Hands with automatic weapons open fire on the crowd. Then help from the Republic finally arrives, Lyria and others are caught in the crossfire. Despite her fear and an injury to her shoulder, she is the only one who jumps into the river to save a republic knight from drowning.

Lyria survives the Red Hand attack then returns home to find her dead father but searches for her sister Ava and her sister's four children. When going over the dead, she finds them lying on the ground dead and butchered. In her anguish, medics have to pull her away and tranquilize her. While in the infirmary a man enters to meet her and it turns out the knight she saved was Kavax au Telemanus, who is grateful to her.

When it is time for him to leave, Lyria pleads with him to take her and her nephew away from Mars as they have no reason to stay there anymore. The soft-hearted Kavax, with the help of his pet fox Sophocles, make a way for them to come aboard, Lyria as a valet for House Telemanus, much to the dismay of his daughter Xana.


The third narrator is Ephraim, who was briefly mentioned in Morning Star as the husband of Trigg, a fellow Gray. With his Obsidian accomplice, Volga, and the help of Dano, a Red, and Cyra, a Green, he steals many precious artifacts such as the razor of the first Sovereign, Silenius au Lune. The stealing of the razor was the last job given to him and his group by Oslo, the arbiter who hired him for the job. He tells his crew they're done with jobs, leaving them without so much as a victory.

He meets with Holiday ti Nakamura on Trigg's birthday. A former Son of Ares, he had become disenchanted with the Rising, after Virginia au Augustus had set many guilty Golds free, and turned to a life as a professional thief and a drug addict. They have an unpleasant reunion, discussing their disapproval of where each other is at, before Holiday says her farewell to him. He tells her he will not meet up again next year. Drunk and depressed, he is about to jump to his death when he is knocked unconscious.

He awakens to the mercy of the Duke of Hands, a member of The Syndicate. The Duke threatens him if Ephraim doesn't disclose who he stole the Sword of Silenius for, but Ephraim doesn't say who even at the risk of losing his hand. After a much heated moment, it turns out the Duke was bluffing and was testing Ephraim so he can hire him for a bigger job.

He brings the crew back to discuss the new job, and although Cyra and Dano are very reluctant, thinking they'll die, as does Ephraim, they agree to do it because the pay is eighty million credits.


The final narrator is Lysander au Lune, who has been traveling the Asteroid Belt as a ward of Cassius au Bellona in their ship, the Archimedes, along with the ship's pilot, Pytha.

They answer a distress call on a ship named the Vindabona. They find evidence of Ascomanni as blood and gore are all over the ship, and they find survivors tied and buried under corpses. The survivors tell of a Gold that paid them to take her to Asteroid S-1392. 

As Cassius tries to get the survivors going, Lysander leaves Cassius to find the Gold girl, where he finds not only her but a dozen more crew members, all tied up in steel mesh. 

Lysander releases the Gold first, but she takes off with his razor before he can stop her, leaving him without any way of freeing the others. He is unable to save them before the Ascomanni come and he barely escapes, along with the Gold who catches up to him. As she lies on their ship, unconscious from her injuries , he finds out that she is a Peerless Scarred, which he doesn’t disclose to Cassius immediately. 

Because the Gold mentioned the asteroid, they go there as a means to escape the three Ascomanni ships pursuing them. Unfortunately, they come across a warship, the Rim Dominion Destroyer Charybdis, which takes their ship in. Before they are boarded, Cassius and Lysander hide their personal possessions, and Cassius goes to extreme painful measures to make himself unrecognizable. 

Lysander, Cassius and Pytha, along with the survivors, are taken unceremoniously from the ship, and are questioned, as they are suspected of being spies. They find the Gold girl in the med bay and it is someone they know. 

When another Gold named Diomedes arrives, we find out the Gold girl is his sister named Seraphina. Lysander recognizes the names as the children of Romulus au Raa, the Sovereign of the Rim Dominion, and the one who allied with Darrow to bring down the Society and his grandmother, Sovereign Octavia au Lune

Part II: Shadow


Lysander and cassius sam burley iron gold.jpg

Under the aliases of Castor au Janus and Regulus au Janus, Lysander and Cassius are taken prisoner, enduring confinement, questioning, and barely enough provisions throughout their thirty-plus day travel from Asteroid S-1392 to Io.

Once at Io, they arrive at an abandoned fortress, where Lysander recognizes Vela au Raa, who is there to greet Seraphina. Romulus arrives and tells Seraphina that she is to be imprisoned at the fortress in lieu of having to execute her for treason. 

After Romulus orders the imprisonment of Seraphina, he orders to execute Lysander and Cassius as there cannot be witnesses. Before it can happen, Romulus's wife Dido arrives. 

Dido orders Romulus arrested, but dueling ensues where Diomedes fights and kills to protect his father. Bellerephon cuts off Marius’ right ear in the clash. Romulus finally relents and willfully gets arrested. Seraphina returns and tells Dido she found it. Lysander and Cassius are welcomed as guests of Dido. 

After a reprieve, including a much needed massage for both, they take some time to talk about what to do next, though they know they’re likely being listened in on, and must still maintain their act. Lysander feels the distance between him and Cassius growing, even as they try and find a way off Io and back to their ship. 

In his guest room, he is visited in secret by Seraphina, and they have an awkward and uncomfortable (for Lysander) conversation about her actions on the Vindabona, all the while learning more about her and her upbringing, the differences in their ways of living. When he asks her if his life is worth saving, she tells him she hasn't decided yet. She then warns Lysander to give Dido what she wants, before she sneaks out of his room. 

During their dinner, it becomes a game of words between Dido and Cassius and Lysander. Unfortunately, Cassius' identity is revealed, and Bellerephon challenges him to a single combat to the death.    


Upon arriving on Luna, Kavax took to teaching Lyria Sophocles’s diet and the songs that need to be sung to him, though unfortunately, Lyria could not read much of the lullabies, thus Kavax started to teach her how to read. Once news of Darrow’s demotion and escape reached them, though, all that was forgotten as turmoil hit the moon. 

Her brother Liam is sent to a school on the estate, but it's still too far away for her to see him daily, so she only gets to see him three times a week. 

Lyria, who has been walking Sophocles, notes Sophocles’ reaction to the pachelbel birds in the surrounding area of the Telemanus estate, having to gather scat samples for Dr. Liago to examine. On this visit, she’s introduced to Dr. Liago’s biological creation called the Nyxacallis, which means Night Lily, and took thirteen years for Liago to create. 

He shows her that when gently touched, the Nyxacallis does no harm and turns a deep purple, however, when harshly handled, small spikes suddenly sprout and releases a deadly toxin that can kill in seconds.

Lyria finds out from one of the hired Reds on the estate that Sophocles is actually seven-hundred years old, but only because the fox has been cloned twenty-one times. 

On her first day of leave, she goes to visit the Hyperion City to see the sights and check out a museum, which has a section that informs about The Rising. She is soon accused by a Gold bystander for theft, and soon finds herself being arrested, but is saved from incarceration, and possibly worse, by a friendly Gray named Philippe.   

After Philippe rescues her, they spend the rest of the day together, getting to know each other, including their recent past, Lyria's family, Philippe's fiance. It comes to our realization that Philippe is actually Ephraim, something that Lyria doesn't know at this point.      

We next find her at a banquet at the residence of Regulus ag Sun, or Quicksilver, for his birthday celebration. When Lyria is called to attend to Sophocles, she finds him in a room where several figures of popular society, including Quicksilver, Victra au Barca, and Virginia au Augustus, are in discussion. She overhears them talking politics and also overhears Victra talking about killing Dancer. She doesn't pay it much mind, though, and when Sophocles leaves the room, she follows him to a garden, where she encounters Pax au Augustus.      

He invites her to watch a race with him, but soon after he asks her about her life in the mines, and she becomes enraged and yells at him before leaving the garden.      

Lyria feels she'll be fired from her position afterwards, but as she travels back with Kavax, Pax, and Electra au Barca, Victra and Sevro's eldest daughter, their trip is compromised when the pendant that was given to her by Ephraim from their last meeting releases a gas that knocks everyone out, bringing the ship crashing into the ground.      


Ephraim and his team visit Kobachi's Tech Emporium for some specialized weaponry for their big heist. Three days before the planned heist, he obtains his tech from Kobachi and meets with Lyria at Aristotle Park, still under the guise of Philippe. She tells him of her hardship and how things didn't change much after The Rising. Ephraim uses this moment to give Lyria the locket, which was given to him by Trigg, that is essential in the heist.

The heist is successful. They've crashed the ship and kidnapped both Pax and Electra as planned. Lyria is there, and though Ephraim has a hard time with it, he pulls the trigger of his gun to shoot her dead to prevent her from being a witness, but the safety on his gun was still on. He can't pull it again, so he takes her as well.

Kavax wakes before they make their escape and Dano is easily killed by Kavax's hands, though the rest of them make it out alive. With Pax, Electra, and Lyria in tow, they drive off to their next destination.



Darrow, Sevro, and the other Howlers make their way to Earth to go to the underwater prison Deepgrave. There, they take Apollonius au Valii-Rath from his cell, along with a mistreated Obsidian, nicknamed Tongueless by Sevro, and ten other high-profile prisoners to avoid giving away their intentions. After they finish their job on Deepgrave, Darrow splits his team, assigning some of them to stay on Earth in New Sparta, Africa, including Kieran and Rhonna.

Two weeks into their flight, they find that Rhonna has stowed away with them. After dealing with Rhonna, Darrow and Sevro negotiate their deal with Apollonius and bring him up to speed regarding the current state of affairs on Venus and within House Rath.

They forge a temporary alliance in which Apollonius will help Darrow in the assassination of Magnus au Grimmus, and Darrow will in turn allow Apollonius to retake his household from his traitorous brother Tharsus and rule over Venus.

Part III: Dust


Cassius and Lysander are in the antechamber before Cassius's duel. He tells Lysander of the time his father Tiberius was proud of him and told him he loved him, which was after he had captured Darrow in Agea. Cassius shows real emotion of the memory, even while keeping Lysander's identity a secret. Lysander talks of giving House Raa the safe, but Cassius does not agree, and feels he has failed in turning Lysander away from Octavia's teachings. Before he leaves for his duel, Cassius pleads with Lysander to let him die.

Cassius and Bellerephon duel as everyone watches in a circular amphitheater named The Bleeding Place. At first, it looks as if Cassius will meet his fate, but he is able to regain his composure, and kills Bellerephon after being denied freedom for both him and Lysander.

Though Cassius defeated Bellerephon, Dido sets another Raa on him, a woman named Fadera. Lysander protests, but Dido will only stop setting others on Cassius when Lysander agrees to open the safe. Cassius kills Fadera and another one named Bellagra. Even Diomedes protests, but Dido perseveres and calls on Seraphina. In Cassius's weakened state, Seraphina is about to make the final blow, but Lysander stops it, revealing his true name.

Under Diomedes' command, Cassius is taken away by the Olympic Order to undergo surgery, and the safe is brought to Lysander. They find the holoprojector that proves Dido was right in that Darrow had broken the Pax Illium by destroying their dockyards on Ganymede ten years ago, believing until recently that the act was done by Roque au Fabii. With this knowledge, Dido declares war against the Solar Republic.

Sometime after Lysander is brought back to his room, the Pink named Aurae tells him that Cassius has died, and Diomedes went to retrieve his body from Bellerephon's schoolmates who planned to desecrate it. Later, Lysander is brought to Gaia, mother of Romulus. There's a piano in the room and although he says he does not know how to play, he starts to play skillfully, and only then recalls a time when his mother taught him.

Gaia offers to a way to free him and Pytha. They must free Romulus from his imprisonment so that he can defeat Dido's coup. Gaia does not want another war, and stopping Dido would prevent it from happening. Lysander agrees to do it. He is given Gaia's hasta, named Shizuka, and Goroth the Stained Obsidian to accompany them to where they need to go.

But Lysander doesn't go through with the rescue, and fights Goroth, cutting off his hand, while his own left hand is crushed by the Stained. Goroth runs back, and Lysander and Pytha are taken to Dido, where he reveals what has happened. Lysander explains that he does not want more Golds killed, which is why he did not free Romulus, and that he believes more in the Society's rule than the Solar Republic's. Dido still doesn't trust him, and she tells him that after Romulus goes to trial and is impeached, as she believes will happen, both she and he will decide on Lysander's fate.

Unfortunately, Romulus is not found guilty of gross negligence, but of treason, which is punishable only by death. Romulus admits to knowing that Darrow destroyed the docks and conspired to conceal it because he knew that revealing this information would cause a war he felt that both the Rim and the Core would lose.

Later, the Raa family and Lysander stand at the frozen dune to bid farewell to Romulus. When Romulus faces Lysander, he tells Lysander that the war can still be stopped before it destroys them all, in the hopes that he will do it. Romulus then bids his final farewell to Dido with one last kiss before he makes the ceremonial trek to the Dragon Tomb. Romulus dies ten steps away from the tomb, creating his "humble monument".

Lysander offers himself up to join Dido's army in war.


Ephraim and Volga meet with The Duke of Hands on the fiftieth floor of an abandoned building. He leaves Lyria in the back seat, hidden from the Duke, as they make the drop of Pax and Electra to the Duke. The Duke slaps Pax several times in the face just to see him cry, and though they do nothing about it, Ephraim is not happy and Volga is shaking in anger. The Duke orders his men to take the kids to his yacht, as they will be brought to the Queen of the Syndicate.

Before Ephraim and Volga are able to leave, Lyria is seen running from the scene, but the Duke's thorns are not able to catch her as she escapes through a ventilation shaft too small for the Obsidians to go through. Ephraim denies having brought her there, but then the Duke has Gorgo bring out Cyra, who has been beaten. Apparently, Cyra had already told the Duke about Lyria, betraying and spying on Ephraim, in exchange for more money.

Though disappointed in Cyra, when the Duke tells him to choose her death, Ephraim only wants him to let her go. The Duke then has Gorgo let her go by throwing her off the building, killing her. The Duke then offers employment with the Syndicate.

Later, in the hotel penthouse he paid for, Ephraim and Volga argue about the turn of events, and the argument becomes heated to the point Volga leaves when Ephraim dismisses her as just a weapon for him. Ephraim leaves the hotel and walks the streets reflecting on his team, and on Trigg. Once it's time for his and Volga's flight to Earth has come, he arrives early, but Volga doesn't show up. Instead, Holiday is there on the ship, along with Lyria.

At first, he doesn't say anything about who he gave Pax and Electra to, but when they mention Trigg, Ephraim finally relents and tells them the Duke of Hands has them, and he was bringing them to the Queen. They tell him that Victra is on a rampage, but he's not bothered by that. However, when they show him they have Volga imprisoned, he agrees to track down the children and bring them back in exchange for Volga's pardon, which he demands of Mustang via datapad. She begrudgingly agrees, but gives him threat of violent death if he tries to escape or defects to the Syndicate.

The day of the meeting, Ephraim is forced to wear a distortion hood to prevent him from knowing where and how far Gorgo takes him to meet the Duke of Hands. Once there, it takes a while for him to find a way to get the Duke alone, and once he does, he contacts Holiday to found out when they can get to him. Unfortunately, he finds out he's in Endymion, a city that's about two hours away from help. He knows he's in trouble, but goes on with finding the children, who are locked in a cage in a vault loaded with valuables, including razors.

He frees the children from the cage, Electra already arming herself with a razor as Pax introduces himself. The Duke's men are waiting for them as they leave the vault, but they are able to make it to the Duke's ship. Before they're able to get on it, Gorgo shoots at Ephraim through the Duke, injuring him, but he and the children are still able to take off.

They contact Mustang while on their way. Ephraim demands she release Volga before he releases the children, but he's too badly injured to prevent Pax and Electra from taking over, and they demand he take them to the Citadel. Twenty minutes from having Republic escort rendezvous with them, the Syndicate Queen takes control of the ship and attempts to turn it back around. However, Ephraim uses the grenades kept in a locker to bomb the engine in the back of the ship. The ship goes down with them in the cockpit.


Lyria barely manages to escape from the hands of The Duke's Obsidians, and though injured, she is able to find her way to a checkpoint and turns herself in. Holiday au Telemanus, another Howlers, and Augustus servants try to fly her out to the Citadel to see Virginia, but are almost taken in by Victra au Barca, who wants Lyria dead, thinking she helped with Pax and Electra's kidnapping. However, Holiday and the crew make it in time for Niobe au Telemanus and more Augustus forces make Victra's group retreat.

Lyria is taken to a room where Daxo au Telemanus, Theodora, and Niobe question her. She tells them all that she can about where she escaped from, but they still don't believe she wasn't complicit in the kidnapping, and right as they use a carved creature to torture her for what she's already told them, Virginia enters the room. She kills the creature sucking on Lyria's arm and angrily orders everyone to leave.

Virginia, with Holiday there to assist, help Lyria go through the times she met with Ephraim, still calling him Philippe. Every place Lyria and Ephraim were out in public together, Holiday checks on her datapad, but finds Ephraim's face is blurred, making it apparent Ephraim had blackmarket tech with him and knew to use it.

When Virginia asks about any distinguishing factors about the one who Ephraim make the trade to, Lyria tells him about his cane, with the octopus on the top of it. This detail reveals to Virginia that it's the Syndicate that took Pax and Electra. Virginia wants an emergency meeting and dismisses Lyria to get her food and rest.

Before Lyria leaves, she mentions the gun that she had from Ephraim, and that she gave one of the Watchmen at the checkpoint. Since the gun was never given to Holiday, they go back to the checkpoint and retrieve it from the Watchman's locker. Once they're able to get the fingerprints on it, they ask Lyria to identify the image of Ephraim that Holiday shows her. She confirms it is, and Holiday tells Virginia that's her brother-in-law.

It is sometime after this revelation that Holiday and Lyria catch up to Ephraim and he agrees to get the children back. As the a squadron of ripWings depart on their way to retrieve Ephraim and the children, Holiday tells him how Ephraim joined the Sons of Ares and why he left. When they arrive at the meeting, Virginia is discussing with Theodora and Daxo on whether to tell the Senate, but Virginia fears that will give them cause for her to step down, as there's already problems in the government. She believes that Magnus au Grimmus, the Ash Lord, is the one who hired the Syndicate, and voices her regret at having the Vox force Darrow's leave.

Then, Virginia goes down on a knee and apologizes to Lyria for the Republic's failure to protect her family. Lyria is dumbstruck and forgives Virginia, letting go of her long held anger. She agrees to stand by Virginia in front of the Senate as a witness to these events. However, afterwards, while she is in her room, a Brown sedates her to take her to Victra.


Darrow, Sevro, and Tongueless go with Apollonius to his household to take it back from Tharsus. Once they've detained Tharsus, Sevro slices one of his ears off. In some twisted display of affection, Apollonius decides to forgive his brother for betraying him. This display makes Darrow miss his family as well as makes him regret having brought Sevro along, knowing that it separates him from his own family.

When they see how depleted Apollonius’s household troops are now that so many have moved on to other houses, Darrow and Sevro argue about the state of things, of how they shouldn't even be there, Sevro admitting that he went along to protect Darrow. Sevro tells him they should leave, but Darrow insists on going forward with the mission. Sevro obeys, but tells Darrow that he's done afterwards and plans to go back home.

Darrow and the Howlers storm the Ash Lord’s citadel on Gorgon Island. Once inside, they find the Ash Lord lying sick and dying in bed, from a poison that Apollonius was responsible for, though he did not tell them about until that moment. Magnus reveals to them that Atalantia has been the one leading the Society Remnant in the war against the Republic. He then tells Darrow and Sevro about Pax and Electra's kidnapping.

Angered that this mission had been for nothing, and the revelation of his son and Sevro's daughter, they burn the Ash Lord alive.

Darrow deactivates the bomb that was inputted in Apollonius' brain as promised from their agreement, but does not give Apollonius the Carthii and Saud family members as part of the agreement, which only reignites the fury in Apollonius. After learning of their children’s abduction, Sevro and the original Howlers insist on returning to Luna, but Darrow continues on to Mercury with Thraxa, Tongueless, Alexandar, Rhonna, and Colloway aboard the Ash Lord’s private shuttle, separating the two best friends, possibly permanently.

End of Book Four

Dramatis Personae

  • Virginia au Augustus/Mustang - Reigning Sovereign of the Republic, wife to Darrow, mother to Pax
  • Pax - Son of Darrow and Virginia
  • Magnus au Grimmus/The Ash Lord - Former ArchImperator to Octavia
  • Atalantia au Grimmus - Daughter of the Ash Lord
  • Cassius au Bellona - Former Morning Knight, guardian to Lysander
  • Lysander au Lune - Grandson of former Sovereign Octavia, heir to House Lune
  • Sevro au Barca/The Goblin - Howler, husband to Victra
  • Victra au Barca-Julii - Wife to Sevro, née Victra au Julii
  • Electra au Barca - Daughter of Sevro and Victra
  • Kavax au Telemanus - Head of House Telemanus, father to Daxo
  • Niobe au Telemanus - Wife to Kavax
  • Daxo au Telemanus - Heir and son of Kavax
  • Thraxa au Telemanus - Daughter of Kavax and Niobe
  • Romulus au Raa - Head of House Raa, Lord of the Dust, Sovereign of the Rim Dominion
  • Dido au Raa - Wife to Romulus, née Dido au Saud
  • Seraphina au Raa - Daughter of Romulus and Dido
  • Diomedes au Raa/The Storm Knight - Son of Romulus and Dido
  • Marius au Raa - Quaestor, son of Romulus and Dido
  • Apollonius au Valii-Rath/The Minotaur - Head to House Valii-Rath
  • Tharsus au Valii-Rath - Brother to Apollonius
  • Alexandar au Arcos - Eldest grandson of Lorn, a Howler
  • Vandros - a Howler
  • Clown - a Howler
  • Pebble - a Howler

  • Holiday ti Nakamura - Legionnaire, sister to Trigg, a Gray
  • Ephraim ti Horn - Freelancer, former Son of Ares
  • Sefi the Quiet - Queen of the Valkyrie, sister to Ragnor, an Obsidian
  • Wulfgar - ArchWarden of the Republic, an Obsidian
  • Volga Fjorgan - Colleague of Ephraim, an Obsidian
  • Quicksilver/Regulus ag Sun - Richest man in the Republic, a Silver
  • Pytha - Blue pilot, companion to Cassius and Lysander
  • Cyra si Lamensis - Locksmith, colleague of Ephraim, a Green
  • Publius cu Caraval - The Copper Tribune, leader of the Copper bloc, a Copper
  • Mickey - Carver, a Violet

  • Chapters

    1. Darrow | Hero of the Republic
    2. Darrow | Father
    3. Darrow | The Fantasy
    4. Lyria | Welcome to the Worlds
    5. Lyria | Camp 121
    6. Ephraim | Eternal City
    7. Ephraim | The Arbiter
    8. Lysander | The Gulf
    9. Lysander | The Passenger
    10. Darrow | Liberty Eternal
    11. Darrow | Servant of the People
    12. Lyria | SlingBlades
    13. Lyria | First the Screams
    14. Ephraim | Anniversary
    15. Lysander | From the Depths
    16. Darrow | The Den
    17. Lyria | Debt
    18. Ephraim | The Duke of Hands
    19. Ephraim | Pernod
    20. Lysander | Dragons
    21. Darrow | There Will Be Violence

    1. Lysander | Io
    2. Lyria | Foxwalker
    3. Ephraim | Kobachi's Tech Emporium
    4. Lysander | Lord of the Dust
    5. Lysander | Wrath of the Mother
    6. Darrow | Deepgrave
    7. Darrow | Prisoner 1126
    8. Lyria | Rust and Shadow
    9. Darrow | The Nessus
    10. Ephraim | Kites
    11. Lysander | The Rending
    12. Lysander | Alien
    13. Darrow | Apollonius au Valii-Rath
    14. Teardrop in the Door | Banquet
    15. Dinner with Dragons | Guests
    16. Lysander | Prey
    17. Lysander | Gruesli
    18. Ephraim | Lions' Den

    1. Lysander | The Bleeding Place
    2. Lysander | Heart
    3. Ephraim | Lucky You
    4. Lyria | Street Prey
    5. Lyria | Lionguards
    6. Darrow | Venus
    7. Darrow | The Brother's Wrath
    8. Lysander | Teeth and Tears
    9. Lysander | The Boy and the Knight
    10. Lyria | Enemy of the State
    11. Lyria | Mother
    12. Ephraim | Skyhook
    13. Darrow | Host of the Minotaur
    14. Darrow | Wargod
    15. Darrow | Wrath of the Republic
    16. Lysander | Requiem
    17. Lysander | War of Dragons
    18. Ephraim | Fit for a Duke
    19. Ephraim | Halfbreed and Hatchetface
    20. Lyria | Forgiveness
    21. Darrow | Ashes to Ashes
    22. Lysander | The Moon Lord
    23. Lysander | Iron Gold
    24. Lysander | Lux es Tenebris
    25. Ephraim | Locust Queen
    26. Darrow | The Rending

    Iron Gold Book Trailer


    Iron Gold by Pierce Brown UK Trailer

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