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The Conquering, Sons Of Ares Comics

When falls the Iron Rain, be brave. be brave

Iron Rain refers to the invasion of a planet, satellite or asteroid by delivering troops from orbit. Legions of Golds and Obsidians would be dropped from starship while equipped with their StarShell armors. StarShells are loaded into spitTubes, where they are first held in place by metal teeth and then moved into the spitTube's magnetic stream for launch.

During The Conquering, Seneca au Grimmus was the first Gold to touch land in the Iron Rain that took the American eastern seaboard on Earth.

Notable Iron Rains

The Lion's Rain

The invasion of Mars by Darrow and his fleet in Golden Son was the first Iron Rain in 20 years.

Siege of Mercury

Solar Republic troops commanded by Darrow fell on Mercury in an Iron Rain to conquer the last Society remnant forces on the planet. This led to a protracted global battle and an eventual Republic retreat.