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Do your duty! Do your duty or the worlds will burn.
— Dark Age, Chapter 90

Kalindora au San, a Gold from Mars, was one of the twelve Olympic Knights of the Core - The Love Knight. Her armor had a swan motif, with winged shoulders, and had a flaming heart emblem on the breastplate. Before she was an Olympic Knight, she served on Lysander au Lune's protection detail.

She was Servilla au Arcos' younger sister, which makes her Alexandar au Arcos' aunt. Her best friends growing up were Atalantia au Grimmus and Anastasia au Lune.

Her father was also an Olympic Knight.


She had full lips riven by two scars, a small nose, and her eyes were a spiraling gradient of gold.


She liked poetry and architecture. She was so enamored with her father's position as an Olympic Knight, she volunteered herself to take his place after his retirement, later coming to regret this decision.



Kalindora and Atalantia au Grimmus planted a bomb in the shuttle of Anastasia au Lune and Brutus au Arcos on orders of Octavia au Lune, who was notified of a pending coup orchestrated by Anastasia, Revus au Raa, and Nero au Augustus.

Dark Age

During Dark Age, she first loses an arm fighting Darrow in the Ladon. During the battle in Heliopolis, she fights Darrow again and is grievously injured. While she could have recovered from the injuries, she was also fatally poisoned - Lysander states that Darrow poisoned the blade with which he injured her.

Before Kalindora succumbs to the poison, she confesses to Lysander about how and why his parents died. She also tells Lysander that he can't remember his mother because Octavia used her Pandemonium Chair to erase his memories of his mother. She urges Lysander not to let Atalantia become Sovereign.


  • “All my life I’ve served. Octavia, then Magnus, then Atalantia. Everyone sits on that stool and tells me I did it with such honor. And every time I hear it, I want to tear their tongues out.” - Dark Age, Ch. 90
  • " 'Get them while they're young,' [Octavia] told Magnus once. 'Get them while they're young, then you've got them forever. Honor, duty: it's all a lie. By the time you know better, you're too dirty to get out." - Dark Age, Ch. 90