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Kieran is a lowRed from the mining colony of Lykos. He is the older brother of Darrow by three years.


He's considered the more sensitive of the two as he "bawled like a little girl" when their father died. As part of Darrow's mining crew, he's also very cautious, unlike Darrow.


718-736 PCE

In 718 PCE, Kieran is born to Dale and Deanna in the mining town of Lykos, on Mars. 8 years later in 726 PCE, Dale is executed for performing the Reaping Dance in protest for more food rations. Later, Kieran fell ill with Deanna unable to afford the medicine. Darrow ending up trading a watch given to him by their father for the medicine. Kieran made a full recovery.

In 733, Kieran joins the Drillteam and marries Kora, who gives birth to twins, likely one of them being Rhonna

737-743 PCE

During this time, Kieran and his wife, Kora, have four more children before Kora passes away from childbirth. In 740 PCE, Narol and Loran fake their deaths and leave Lykos. Kieran becomes the Lambda headTalk. He marries Dio, the sister of Eo a few months before Darrow's visit to Lykos in March. They are expecting a child.

After Darrow' Triumph, Sevro and the Howlers infiltrate Lykos and take, Deanna, Kieran, Leanna, their spouses and children to Tinos to avoid Darrow's family from being seized by The Society. In Tinos, Kieran learns under Oranges to become an Engineer. He and Dio have a daughter together, their first.

743-753 PCE

Kieran works for Darrow, alongside his eldest daughter from his first marriage, Rhonna O'Lykos. He is the head of the Howlers' engineering department.

754 PCE

He becomes ArchGovernor of Mars after the Vox Populi assassinate Rollo O'Sicyon.


Significant Others

  • Kora is Kieran's first wife, who died sometime between Red Rising and Golden Son.
  • Dio, Eo's sister, is his second wife.[1] They married sometime between Red Rising and Golden Son, as Deanna tells this to Darrow when he returns to see her near the end of Golden Son.

Blood Relatives

  • Darrow is Kieran's younger brother by three years. There never seemed to be any animosity between the two, and he was working as the head of the Howler's engineering department in Iron Gold.[2]


  • From what we gather, Kieran and his first wife Kora have 6 children in total. A son and daughter that are twins and are 3 years-old at the beginning of Red Rising[3]. In Morning Star, his oldest twins are 9 years-old, and apparently has another set of twins at 6 years-old. He also has another son (possibly one named Dunlow) and daughter, the daughter being the one he saw in Golden Son.[4] Two of the children are named Iro and Reagan (see Trivia). He has a 7th child mentioned in Morning Star, his and Dio's first. A daughter, no name mentioned.[4] However, Darrow states that Kieran has four children when speaking with Cassius in the second half of Morning Star.[5]
  • Rhonna, introduced in Iron Gold, is stated to be his eldest daughter at 20 years-old, and is part of Darrow's army, along with her father. He shows great concern for her, asking that Darrow keep her from any actual danger, despite Rhonna wishing to prove herself capable as a lancer and of equal importance as Alexandar au Arcos.


  • In a signing, Pierce had confessed he forgot Kieran and Dio had children[6], which could be the reason for the confusion as to how many children Kieran actually has.
  • Oddly enough, even though Rhonna is supposedly Kieran's oldest daughter, she is not mention until Iron Gold. This could be a faux pas on Pierce's part, however, she could also be one of the oldest twins of Kieran and Kora, with Iro and Reagan being the second set of twins, as Kieran has seven children, and not all names are mentioned upon introduction. This has yet to be confirmed and merely speculative.
  • In the digital edition and later editions of the books, the names of the twins were taken out of Red Rising, however, they still appeared in Morning Star.


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