The LowReds are the Reds that live underground, they share the same sigil as the HighReds. There job is slaving away in the mines to harvest the material needed to create atmosphere and life on barren planets, power ships and other various objects, Helium-3. Their lifespan is not considerably long, often marrying during their teens and people in their 40's are considered rather old. LowReds are also known as 'Rusters', a derogatory title given to LowReds, because they spend their entire lives under the surface.

Helldiver Edit

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The operators of the drills to mine helium-3, there is one for each clan all LowReds. The Helldivers is the most dangerous job. If they aren't quick, they will not meet quota which will result in punishment from the Copper in charge of the mine and from the Golds. If helldivers aren't careful, the slightest misstep could cause a deadly explosion. Helldivers have special uniforms which they wear over the entire workday, and so are easily recognizable, most of the young drillboys admire Helldivers seeing them as heroes.

DrillBoys Edit

The DrillBoys are people who come in after the Helldivers and pick up the veins of Helium-3 missed by the Helldivers. The DrillBoys are "considered the newbies" they also were a different uniforms to the HeadTalk and Helldivers. While the job is considered dangerous it is nothing compared to the Helldivers job.

HeadTalk Edit

Are the Reds who are in charge of managing where the drills are going and stopping them before they hit a gas pocket.

Township Edit

The LowReds live underground in a place called a township. Each mining colony is divided into 24 clans, with each quarter one of them receiving a Laurel. Favoritism is shown to the Gammas because they supposedly fulfill the Quota, Possessing the Laurel means reviving special treats from Earth such as wide variety of food, more to smoke, quilts, medicine, etc. This is just a motivation for others to keep working designed by the Golds. The 24 clans are presumably named after each of the letters in the Greek Alphabet. Listed below are the names of the known colonies.

  • Lambda (Where Darrow was born)
  • Gamma (Where Lyria was born)
  • Pi
  • Chi

Culture Edit

The LowReds were designed to be patriarchal and to follow daring men. Women were expected to work less grueling tasks, as outlined in the Stratification Protocol. LowReds do not seem to receive family names, instead given a designation that is a mix of letters and numbers from a Copper administrator. They are a people of dance and song.

Vale Edit

The 'heaven' or afterlife the Reds believe in. Their deity figure, the Old Man, is said to to guide them after death. If a LowRed is buried after death, it is said they will have a shorter journey along the stone path towards the Vale. Reds believe that when they arrive, their loved ones will stand waiting with the Old Man. The Vale is a beautiful green forested world, with morning mists, and cozy homes with stews ready on their hearths and as Darrow said "there will be rivers of whiskey". Since Reds typically have harsh, short, pain-filled lives, this pleasant afterlife functions as a peaceful encouragement for Reds and is an important part of their culture.

Known LowReds Edit

  • Darrow of Lykos
  • Kieran, Darrow's elder brother
  • Leanna, Darrow's younger(?) sister
  • Eo, Darrow's wife
  • Dio, Eo's younger sister, Kieran's wife, and Darrow's sister-in-law
  • Reagan; Iro; Dunlow; Eo (Jr.) - Dio and Kieran's children
  • Rhonna, Darrow's niece
  • Ella, Darrow's niece
  • Dain, Eo's brother
  • Liam, Eo's brother
  • Dale, Darrow's father
  • Narol, Dale's brother and Darrow's uncle
  • Loran, Narol's son and Darrow's cousin
  • Deanna, Darrow's mother
  • Darrow (Sr.), Deanna's father and Darrow's maternal grandfather
  • Barlow
  • Kora, Kieran's first wife that died during childbirth
  • Dago the Helldiver
  • Leora
  • Dancer, a member and Red liaison for the Sons of Ares
  • Harmony, a radical member of the Sons of Ares
  • Arlus, Darrow's housemate at The Institute; another Red who had been carved into a Gold and went by the name Titus au Ladros.
  • Vanno of Karos

Reference Edit

Book- Red Rising, Golden Son, Morning Star & Iron Gold