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Luna is official name of Earth's moon. The Society probably started using the name after colonising other planets' moons. Part of the Core of the Society, it serves as the Sovereign's seat of power.


After mankind expanded from Earth to Luna, Luna became the port through which it colonized the other planets and moons in the solar system. This was made possible by Luna's low gravity and lack of an atmosphere, which made it easy to launch spacecraft. Due to Luna's small size and the difficulty of colonising a new planet, order and efficiency became the chief concern, so the first Colors were instituted there. [1]

When the wealthy inhabitants of Luna realized that Earth was dependent on them and just a drain on their profits, they rebelled. These were first Gold ancestors, who had normal eyes and wore golden uniforms.[2] Earth fought back and lost, so the Golds assumed control over their new Society: This was The Conquering.


Many locations depend on trade with Luna to exist. Its air is described as stuffy and cloying. Due to the gravity is 1/6 of Earth's, structures can be built a lot higher. New factories are often built on top of old factories. Large acres of land in the Citadel are used to house villas that other Houses would stay in for the duration of the Summit during Golden Son.

As an early warning system against invasion, a sphere of transponders known as the Rubicon beacons floats one million kilometers beyond Earth's core. Each beacon is as large as two Obsidian, and prior to the Rising no foreign fleet had crossed this border for at least five hundred years.


  • Atlas Mountains
    • Silene Manor
    • Lake Silene
    • USS Davy Crockett
  • Hyperion - Capital of Luna; Former capital of the Society; current capital of the Republic. Known as the City of Light.
    • Evenstar District
      • Courneuve Hospital
    • Promenade
      • Upper West Promenade
        • Salt Place
          • 777 Salt Place, Level 17, 16B - Ephriam's Home.
    • Gravity Gardens
    • Sea of Serenity
    • Palatine Hill
    • Aristotle Park
    • Hero Center
    • Via Appenia (north of Hero Center)
    • Alemaide Park
    • Hyperion Museum of Antiquities
    • Zenith Ring
    • Koachi's Tech Emporium
    • Atlas Interplanetary Docks
    • Sordo District
    • Cerebian Zoo
  • The Citadel
    • Palace of Light
      • Ocular Sphere
      • Crescent Vault
    • Bleeding Place
    • Citadel Gardens
    • Obelisk of Ares - A floating structure in commemoration of Fitchner au Barca, commissioned by Victra au Barca. One-hundred meters long, it bears images of the birth of the Sons of Ares. [3]
    • Silenius Arch
    • Via Triumphia
    • Pyramid Forum (Original Trilogy)
    • New Forum (Iron Gold Trilogy)
    • East Park
    • Field of Ares
    • Dictaeon Antron
  • Eternal City
    • The Den - Home of the Howler Battalion's Base on Luna. Liberated from the Shadow Knight by Darrow O'Lykos.
  • Lost City
    • Lost Wee Den
  • Imbrium City
    • Elorian Opera House
  • Via Appia - Public flight lane over the northern hemisphere
  • Via Flaminia - Public flight lane over the southern hemisphere
    • Flaminius astroDock - used for ships descending into Earth's atmosphere.
  • Endymion
    • Dome of Endymion
    • The Cresent Orb
    • Tridian Palazzo
    • Ephor Spires
  • Alpha City
  • Echo City
  • Old Town
  • Old Industrial Sector
  • Dryope Gardens
  • Hysperia Gardens
  • Mare Vaporum
  • Eridan Interplanertary

Notable Residents


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