Lykos is one of ten thousand underground mining colonies on the planet Mars. It is also the home of Darrow and his family, and one of the first colonies under Mars's surface.

The Community[edit | edit source]

The people of Lykos are one of dance and song. For that reason, as a reminder of their place as slaves, they are forbidden from one song and one dance of theirs, which is punishable by death if ever performed.

The Common is a tiered circular spiral. Taverns and repair depots ring the lowest level; Gamma homes fill the next several levels, followed by supply depots, a sheer wall, and then, high above in the ceiling, a sunken metal dome with nanoGlass viewports. The fortress where the Reds' keepers live and sleep is called the Pot.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

  • Darrow of Lykos (Sr.) - Deanna's father and Darrow's maternal grandfather.
    • Deanna O'Lykos - Darrow's mother
      • Kieran O'Lykos - Darrow's elder brother
        • Rhonna O'Lykos - Kieran's oldest, daughter to Kora
        • Reagan O'Lykos - Kieran's second eldest, daughter to Kora, twin of Iro
        • Iro O'Lykos - Kieran's second eldest, son to Kora, twin of Reagan
        • Ella O'Lykos - Kieran's third eldest, daughter to Dio
        • Dunlow O'Lykos - Kieran's fourth eldest, son to Dio
        • Eo (Jr.) O'Lykos - Kieran's youngest, daughter to Dio
      • Leanna O'Lykos - Darrow's older sister
      • Darrow O'Lykos - The main character of the first trilogy, and one of the main POVs of the Iron Gold Trilogy.
  • Dale of Lykos - Darrow's father
  • Eo's Father - Name unknown. commitied suicide shortly after Eo's death.
    • Eo of Lykos - Darrow's first wife.
    • Dio O'Lykos - Eo's younger sister, Kieran's second wife, and Darrow's sister-in-law.
    • Dain - Eo's brother
    • Liam - Eo's brother
  • Eo's Mother - Name unknown.
  • Kora of Lykos - Kieran's first wife that died during childbirth
  • Barlow
  • Dago O'Lykos - The Helldiver for Gamma, later became a soldier for the Republic.
  • Varlo - A baker in Lykos. Gave Eo some bread after he heard of Darrow's likelihood to win the Laurel.
  • Ol' Ripper - The eldest member of Lambda. Infamous for telling stories to dunks on Laureltide.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Mines
    • Staging Depot
    • The Flush
  • The Webbery
  • The Township
  • The Pot
    • The bubbleGarden
  • The Common
    • Soggy Drop Tavern

The Clans[edit | edit source]

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