Mars is the fourth innermost planet within the Solar System. It has 1/3 the gravity of Earth. Nero au Augustus is the ArchGovernor, the billions of lowReds of Mars widely believe that they are working to help terraform the Martian surface, often completely unaware that this had been completed for over 700 hundred years, with about a million Golds living on the surface.

Composition Edit

Its red colour was gained from iron oxide, however, after the surface had been terraformed, it appears as white and green instead, with an atmosphere and clouds.

Climate Edit

Due to the extensive terraforming, much of Mars has a temperate climate, except for the poles, which has harsh icy and stormy weather to raise the Obsidians. Due to the sparse plains, dust devils would occur and destroy topsoil and croplands.

Ecology Edit

There were no native flora and fauna on Mars until it was terraformed. Even after the terraforming, there are not a lot of vegetation, however, there were many lakes that formed in the craters of Mars, and the entire Borealis basin of the northen hemisphere is filled with freshwater.

  • Haemanthus flower, “blood lily”
  • Pitvipers
  • Spiderworms
  • Various unspecified marine species

Locations Edit

Various lowDistricts...

  • Agea
    • Clubs
      • Temptation
      • Tryst
    • Institute
  • Citadel
  • Dragon's Spine
  • Fallen City
  • Field of Mars
  • Ishtar
    • stables
  • Lykos
    • Common
    • Pot
    • Webbery
  • Oikos
  • Olympus Mons
    • Château le Breu
  • Taiga
  • Valkyrie Spires
  • Valles Marineris
    • North Woods
    • South Sea
    • Olympus
    • Mountains
    • Argos River
    • Highlands
    • Postern Hills
    • Greatwoods
    • Various Castles of Houses
  • Yorkton
    • Bazaar
  • Thessalonica

Moons Edit

Phobos Edit

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Deimos Edit

Military Edit

The Armada of Mars consists of the Sixth Fleet and smaller Fifth Fleet of the Society.

Trivia Edit

  • A day on Mars is nearly the same as on Earth, at 24 hours and 37 minutes based on Earth's time scale.
  • There was a reference to Osgiliath made as Darrow visits the Bazaar.