The first planet of the Core, Mercury was conquered during the Solar War. Darrow of Lykos led an Iron Rain to take the planet, and end the Siege of Mercury. Due to the losses taken during the Rain, he was brought before the Senate of the Solar Republic to answer charges of insubordination.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Note: Years are based on the Official Red Rising Timeline.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Helios - The main continent of Mercury. The north of Helios is characterized by temperate alpine elevations, the south with Jungles and a desert between them. The south has large lavender farms. Ancestral home of House Votum.
    • Talarian Peninsula - The northwest peninsula of Helios.
      • Tyche - The Capital City of Mercury.
        • Vepsian Island
          • Hall of Justice
        • Tyche Central Command
        • Harper's Plaza
        • Tyche-Heliopolis Gravloop Station
    • Hesperides Mountains - Connects the Talarian Peninsula and the unnamed western peninsula to the Waste of Landon.
      • Kylor Pass
      • Erebos - A city in the foothills of the Hesperides Mountains at the western edge of the Ladon.
      • Tyche-Heliopolis Gravloop
    • Aigle Mountains
    • Plain of Caduceus - Connects the Petasos Peninsula to the Waste of Landon.
      • Unnamed Solar Republic Base
    • Petasos Peninsula - Northeast peninsula of Helios. The cities that reside here are collectively referred to as "The Children."
      • Kydon
        • Unnamed Solar Republic Base - Southwest of Kydon.
      • Pan
        • Unnamed Solar Republic Base - Southeast of Pan.
      • Arabos
      • Priapos
      • Kaikos
    • Heliopolis - Mercury's richest city. South of the Hesperides Mountain Range. The terrain is said to be similar to that of South Pacifica.
      • Mound of Votum - Set west of Heliopolis, on the edge of the Bay of Sirens, it is where the Votum government was based.
        • Votum Warroom
        • Statue of Helios
      • Water Plaza - A square kilometer, dedicated to celebrating the God of water, Poseidon.
        • Tyche-Heliopolis Gravloop Station
        • Water Gardens
        • Statue of Poseidon
      • The Bay of Sirens - The entry to The Caliban Sea.
        • Lady Beatrice - Home of Glirastes, was often seen floating above the Bay of Sirens during the spring months.
    • The Waste of Ladon - A chalk desert covering a large portion of Helios, situated at the planet's equator. Sometimes called "The Ladon," "The Waste," or "The Eater of Armies."

      Lysander and the shadow of Apollonius at the Graveyard of Heroes.

      • Graveyard of Tyrants - On Mercury, seven monoliths were constructed to honor seven centuries of Sovereigns of the Society. After Mercury was liberated by the Solar Republic, they were dumped and left to be swallowed by the Landon.
    • Eleusis - A mining city on the eastern edge of the Ladon.
    • Angela - A small city north of Eleusis.
    • Naran - A City. The location is not known.
    • Keryx - A city on the unnamed eastern peninsula of Helios.
    • Polybos - A city on the eastern side of the unnamed southern peninsula of Helios, south of Keryx.
    • Red Reach - A Solar Republic base east of Tyche and northwest of Angelia.
  • The Caliban Sea - West of the continent of Helios.
  • The Sycorax Sea - North of the Helios continent.
  • Borealis - the other continent on Mercury
  • Trasmian Sea
  • Ismere Islands
  • The Mercurian Institute

Houses[edit | edit source]

  • House Votum

Map of Mercury[edit | edit source]

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