Min-Min is introduced in Iron Gold. She is a Red Howler and munitions expert.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She is described as having sunken eyes and a dark face with a dusty mohawk.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

After Darrow and Sevro become wanted men for killing Wulfgar, Min-Min is one of the first Howlers who pledges to stay with Darrow. She's on the mission with the rest of the Howlers to retrieve Apollonius from Deepgrave. She gets to drive the submersible. At the end of Iron Gold, she returns to Luna with Sevro to search for the lost kids. In Dark Age, she is one of the twenty-five hardest killers who drop down from the shadows after Sevro makes amends with Virginia.

When the Boneriders interrupt Virginia's show trial following the Day of Red Doves, Syndicate thorns guide in a skiff loaded with a giant iron wolf statue, Pebble can hear Min-Min's voice calling from inside. Smoke slithers through the wolf's nostrils as Min-Min and other trapped Howlers cry in agony as they burn in the wolf's belly.

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