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Narol was Darrow's paternal uncle and Dale's brother. He was a drunkard, and as HeadTalk, was considered rather cowardly, constantly stopping operations to check if there was gas and breaking many drill bits in the process. According to Darrow, his excessive caution arose from the fear for his and others' lives after Dale's death.


Red Rising

Narol was responsible for bringing Darrow to the Sons of Ares, by spiking his wine with Haemanthus oil. He had been an informer to the Sons even before Dale's death. He had only informed the Sons about Darrow upon Eo's death, at which he knew of Darrow's certain death otherwise.

Morning Star

In Golden Son, it was revealed that he died along with Loran in a mining accident. This was proven false when he appeared in Tinos, the base of the Sons of Ares, to welcome Darrow.

He was publicly executed by The Jackal shortly after the Battle of the Jovian moons, as a warning to the masses that planned to support Darrow and overthrow the regime. His death instigated a brief riot led by Obsidians under the command of Sefi the Quiet.


  • Narol is an alternative name to buspirone, a drug used to treat generalised anxiety disorder.
  • In Morning Star, his crew are called the Pitvipers.


  • "Death chewed on me a bit. Then spat my bloody ass back out." - Morning Star, Chapter 8
  • "Old enough to screw, old enough to crew." - Red Rising, Ch. 1: Helldiver
  • "in which he hides his hands⁠—a trait of the frightened" - Red Rising, Ch. 7: Other Things
  • "Time to drop your balls" - Red Rising, Ch. 43: The Last Test