Nero au Augustus is the Head of House Augustus and the 13th generation of the gens Augustii. The father of three children, Claudius, Adrius, or The Jackal, and Virginia, also known as Mustang. He is a cold, calculating man who cares for his own success and the preservation of his house.

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When he was young, he was simply called Nero. Many years ago, his father, the Head at the time, decided to war with Bellona. However, the ArchGovernor Cylus sided with the Bellonas, and his House was decimated on the order of Octavia au Lune. This started his deep hatred for the Bellonas. He retaliated by killing Iona au Bellona after their marriage when he was in his twenties, and the two families have been at odds ever since. He gained the ArchGovernorship and presides directly over the Fifth Fleet of the Society.

Personality Edit

A very stoic man, he was said to be a mite cold by Lorn au Arcos. Darrow perceived him to think himself above morality and concepts of good and evil: putting concerns for humanity's survival above all else. However, he is not entirely without emotion, as demonstrated by his reactions to his two heirs' deaths. As with most Golds, he is deeply calculatingly and manipulative.

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Nero is described as "tall and imperious," with rough hands and bony fingers. Like all Golds, he has golden hair and eyes. He was not an adonis, and instead of being carved from marble, Darrow notes him to be chiseled harshly from granite.

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Bribed the Proctors of the Houses so that his son Adrius would win. Talked with Darrow to make him his lancer.

Expels Darrow after his failure, but it goes awry after the chaos of the Summit. Eventually he was betrayed by Pliny, but rescued by Darrow. Ends up getting imprisoned by Bellona but won the war against Luna, leading him a step closer to his ambitions to become King, where Mars becomes the center of humanity. He was supposed to be captured again but ended up killed by Adrius.

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  • Nero was a real emperor of the Romans
  • Nero was a cognomen of the gens Claudia, an important patrician house whose Claudii were described as thus:
That house during the course of centuries produced several very eminent, few great men; hardly a single noble-minded one. In all ages it distinguished itself alike by a spirit of haughty defiance, by disdain for the laws, and iron hardness of heart.
— Barthold Georg Niebuh
  • Nero means "strong and sturdy"

Quotes Edit

  • 'Steel is power. Money is power. But of all the things in all the worlds, words are power.' - Red Rising, Ch. 44: Rise